Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mid-week Update

As I mentioned in our Weekend Review, Richard's family arrived in Louisiana Sunday afternoon. We have been doing a lot of adventuring around the city. I had to work Monday to Wednesday this week so most of my adventures were in the evening.

We have gone to a few new restaurants that Richard and I haven't been able to go to yet. The other night we went to a place called Waterfront Grill. It was this cute little restaurant that is located on the bayou. Check out our view from the restaurant.

The food was good even though I am probably not a good judge of that. I ordered two appetizers as my meal. While we waited for our food we could see that there were turtles swimming right outside the window. When we were done eating, I took the boys outside to feed the turtles. They even made a few friends while we were outside.

They really enjoyed being able to feed the turtles.

After dinner we went to our favorite spot in town- Sweet Frog. They have amazing frozen yogurt and it was double punch Mondays! So we have a few free treats in our future.

And here is grandpa with 3 of four grandsons.

Then on a different night we went to a place called Cotton. The chef there won the TV show Chopped. Richard loved the food that he got. We ordered hummus to split and it was amazing. I also really liked that all the drink came in little mason jars.

Now it is time for my weekend to begin! New Orleans here we come! 
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