Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First Year in Louisiana

A lot has happened in the last year its kinda crazy.

- We drove home twice. Once in November for Thanksgiving, where I got to meet my nephew for the first time. And my sisters and I went black friday shopping like we do every year.

And again in May.

-We also flew home in September for our amazing friends' wedding.

-I flew home twice without my husband. Once to see one of my good friends growing up get married and the other time because my husband was going to be out of town.

-We also flew home in July for my mom's funeral which was hard, but nice to visit everyone.

So I went home 6 times in the last year. Which is kinda ridiculous, but I don't care. And I still get homesick.

-We had the attack of the crickets last fall. There were so many crickets everywhere and they somehow dug their way into the house. I had to kill 8-10 of them every night inside the apartment for a month. So gross. Not looking forward to that this fall.

-We spent our first Christmas away from home. But we did have Richard's little brother come visit it so it was like a piece of home was here.

-We went on two road trips with friends. One to New Orleans and the other to Pensacola.

Some other Louisiana experiences we had was celebrating Mardi Gras, eating crawfish, visiting Baton Rouge and finding our love for Sweet Frog fro-yo.

A lot more has happened this year but that is all for now. We have had a pretty good year and I look forward to the year to come!

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  1. what a fun first year!! though it is hard having you away you are creating some fun memories :)


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