Friday, August 30, 2013

August Review

Is August Really over already? I cannot believe that September is right around the corner! September should be a full month, but first let's review August.

Here are my favorite things from this past month. (P.s. Two posts in one day I think is a first for me!)

1. Celebrating out second anniversary on August 6th! We had such a good time on our date and looking though all of our wedding pictures. And I look forward to many more years of happiness!

2. Celebrating one year in Louisiana. So proud of my husband for finishing his first year in his doctoral program. Two more years and he will be graduating!

3. Having Richard's family come visit us here is Louisiana was amazing! I think we experienced more restaurants in our area while they were here than we have experienced in the last year. We were also able to venture down to New Orleans which was fun!

4. My new purse. I am seriously so in love. The color is amazing and it goes with all my outfits so far. A special thanks to my in-laws for buying it for me!

5. My new found inspiration for my clothing outfits. I found some skirts at LOFT Outlet near Baton Rouge and I am obsessed! It has inspired me to dress nicer everyday! It only takes me a few minutes to pick out a cute outfit so I am excited that I am finally doing! Maybe I'll do a post on that. We will see!

And things to look forward to in September are my dad coming to visit, college football games, my boss coming to town from Denver, going to Boston for a memorial service for my mom and seeing my nephew again-he has started crawling since the last time I saw him. Should be busy, busy!

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  1. Happy Anniversary!! And so awesome that your husband finished his first year. I love finding a great piece...I want to see your Loft skirt!


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