Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekend Update

Well I had big plans for this weekend. We were going to continue our Fourth of July celebrations by going to more fireworks. And then we realized that we did not really feel like fighting the crowds to find parking and then sitting in traffic to leave. So we decided not to go.

This weekend instead was what you would call an efficient weekend. Since we were gone the previous weekend at the beach, I had a lot of catching up to do around the house. I did either major or minor cleaning in every room in the house. I also started and finished  all the laundry in the house. Usually by the end of the weekend I end up with basket of folded clothes to be put away and then they sit there for a while. But not this weekend they were all put away. Miracle.

I also started on our office organization project that is one of my goals for this month. Mid project the room was looking like this.

But I think a room has to get worse before it can get better. I had to start with the closet and while pulling things out and deciding what to get rid of it got a little messy. But no worries I have a weekend in mind that I will be doing a total makeover so it will come along soon.

We also watched two movies this weekend and since we quit watching TV that is pretty much all we watch anymore. On Friday we watched A Knight's Tale and on Saturday we watched Django Unchained. Django was rated R and for good reason. There was quite a bit of violence in it, so I would not recommend it to those who do not like violence.

And on Sunday, we took our puppy to the dog park which make this week 10. Yay! Only two more weeks to go before I reach my goal!

Overall, the weekend was pretty successful and it feels good to have a clean house. Hopefully I can keep up with it now so that I do not have to do a whole lot of cleaning all at once anymore.

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