Friday, July 5, 2013

Fourth of July Date

Well today I am back at work after our Fourth of July festivities. Hopefully this day will go quickly.

We started our celebration on Wednesday by heading over to our favorite fro-yo place, Sweet Frog. We go there way too much and seriously may have a problem. I also set up my Fourth of July decorations...a little late, but oh well. And we rented Les Miserables from red box and watched that.

Then, yesterday we celebrated by heading over to Shreveport, which is about an hour and a half away. Shreveport is a little bigger city than we live in, and our city is not doing fireworks till Saturday. So I read online that Shreveport was having this festival with different vendors and then there would be a concert later that night. Well, we got there around 2:30 and the only vendors around were food vendors. Bummer. I was expecting a lot more. So I bought some Dippin Dots and we asked the lady behind the counter if the place would get busy and she told us more people would show up around 6 but as far as vendors that was pretty much it.

So after eating my food, we decided to leave because it was super hot and we did not want to be in the sun. We decided to go to what they call the Boardwalk, which is a shopping center on the river. That way we could be in air conditioning and eat food and then watch the fireworks on the river. First we had to find parking, which was a pain because we did not know what was legal and what was not so we decided to just pay to park somewhere convenient. Then we had to walk a while to get to the shopping center. By the time we got there I was dying from the heat. And I do not know why because it was not a lot hotter than any other day. So we went to the first restaurant that had air conditioning and something to drink, which happened to be Fuddrucker's. We sat there for almost two hours trying to recover from the heat. Then we walked around a little, shopped a little, and people watched.

For dinner we headed to Joe's Crab Shack. They told us there was an hour and a half wait so we sat at the bar to bypass the wait.

Then we went and staked out a spot and waited for the fireworks.

The place ended up getting pretty packed. This family sat in front of us while we were waiting and then when the fireworks started they stood up. Who stands to watch fireworks? So they blocked our view because we were laying in the grass behind them. Then what seemed like the grand finale started and towards the end the fireworks sort of slowed down and then they stopped. So everyone assumed that they were over and started leaving. Because that is what you do when the fireworks stop. Then as we were walking away they did a bunch more fireworks that were supposed to be a part of the grand finale, but they must have missed them or something. That was disappointing.

So the day ended up not turning out at all like I had planned and I am not sure that I would go again next year. Not really worth the drive. But I did enjoy having my husband all to myself for the whole day. Love those kind of days. Any day spent with him without distraction is a good day. Oh and we did accomplish this which is always fun to see.

We are going to resume Fourth of July festivities tomorrow by heading out to see what our town has to offer in the fireworks department.

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