Monday, July 29, 2013

MInnesota Time

Since I was home for close to two weeks, we tried to have a little fun. Even if the circumstances were not the greatest it was still nice to be able to go home and see my family. So here is a few things we did while I was home.

After my mom's funeral, we went over to my Aunt's house to swim in her in-ground pool. We have always gone swimming there growing up and my mom loved to hang out in the sun so it was to honor her. Most of my mom's family was still in town so they joined us at the pool. It was a nice way to forget the events of the day.

My nephew is so adorable. Such a little ham. I am glad that I got to spend a lot of time with him. He has grown into such a big kid with a huge personality. I am glad I was able to see how big he has gotten.

Here is a video of his cuteness.

We also went to a place called Sky Zone which was an indoor trampoline park. We jumped for an hour and it was seriously so much fun. I was not sure it would be at first, but it was awesome. And an added bonus was that we found a Groupon for it so it was half price. Perfect.

I then went with my friend Sammi, her husband and some of their family to a Middle Eastern Festival. It was at a church and they had music and food. I had to try food outside my comfort zone, but it was pretty good so I can't complain. I ate a cheese flat-bread so nothing fancy, but I still enjoyed it. Then we went into Minneapolis to watch the fireworks from the Aquatennial festival. We picked a park along the river to watch the fireworks- or at least where we thought we could watch the fireworks. Then when the fireworks started we could not see anything. So we got in the car and drove to where we could see them and watched from there.

I also was able to hang out with some friends. I had lunch with my friend Tiffany and coffee with my friend Heather. And like usual I forgot to take pictures. It was nice to see them and catch up with both of them.

One of the nights I was at my sister's house, we got bored and decided to go for a walk around the lake near their house. I had never been on that trail, but it was super nice. One of the things I definitely miss about Minnesota-bike trails.

So it was a long two weeks. We had a lot of work to do and still have a lot more to figure out. But we tried to make the most of the time we had together. There was so much more that we did on this trip but these are pretty much the highlights and also the things I actually took pictures of.

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Friday, July 26, 2013

It's Hard to Say Goodbye

It has been a while since I have blogged. But it is for good reason. This is going to be hard to share, but I do not think that I can continue blogging unless I share this. I cannot pretend that things will ever be the same.

On July 11, I received a phone call from my sister telling me that my mom had in a motorcycle accident. My first reaction was to call my husband and he told me to leave work and get on a plane back to Minnesota. We ended up driving 3 and a half hours to Baton Rouge to get me on the first flight available back to Minnesota. Along the way, we found out that my mom did not survive her surgery.

My two sisters and I then had to plan the funeral for our mother, who was only 49 years old. She had been riding her motorcycle like she would any other day, when a car turned out in front of her simply because he did not see her.

My mom's family flew to Minnesota from Boston and New York to come to the funeral. Some of them I have not seen in over 6 years. It was nice to be able to see them all again. My mom always wanted us to all be together again. I just wish it was under better circumstances.

To say these past few weeks have been rough would be an understatement. There are no words to describe how it feels to lose a mother. All the things you think you can ask her when you are older are suddenly gone. My husband and I have not had any children yet and it kills me to know she will never meet them. I will never have a picture of my mother holding my child. I will not be able to ask her questions about raising children or what I was like as child. I cannot ask her advice on what she did for us as children.

I called my mom on my way home from work every Wednesday. I am so very grateful that I was able to talk to her the night before the accident happened. Wednesdays will probably be really tough for me in the future, but the memory of her talks will continue.

My mom was always a free spirit, who loved to ski. I have many memories of her being a little ditzy which always made me laugh. Like this conversation that I posted on Facebook back in January.

mom: I just discovered chat!
me: when you see a green circle that means they are on. See Anna has a green circle
mom: Anna just sent a chat! I see the green circle. I am having so much fun!:)
me: hahahaha well thats very good
mom:You make me smile :)

It hurts me to know that I will never be able to feel what it feels like to hold my mom in my arms when I give her a hug. Or that I will never be able to hear her beautiful laugh. Or that I will never be able to call her up to tell her good news. Or that she will not be there when I move back to Minnesota like I thought she would be when we moved down here.

I thought the day I would lose my mom was so far in the future, but you really never know.

Life is so short so make sure you enjoy every minute of it. Forgive quickly and make sure you tell your loved ones how much you really love them. You never know when the words you speak will be the last words you will ever say to them. The last thing my mom heard me say was that I love her. And I really do. I love you mom and I miss you so much already I cannot stand it. Keep watching over me from heaven and some day I will see you again.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Starting to Run

Last night my husband and I went for a run. We have been saying for 3 weeks that we were going to start running and we always came up with excuses not to run. But we finally did it last night. I almost did not want to go because it was 93 degrees (and it felt like 99) outside, but I made my husband pinky promise (we take pinky promises very  seriously) that we would go and I did not want to back out.

I am not a runner. I can usually run for a minute and then I am dying and I need to stop. I found this beginners runners program that I am going to follow so that I do not get overwhelmed and want to give up. So last night I started with 1 minute of running and 2 minutes of walking. And I feel pathetic to say, but it was hard for me. But I stuck it out and we did this cycle for about a half hour, and the trail we use is about two miles. I am really proud that I made it that long and did not give up. I had to really focus on my breathing so that I did not get out of breath too quickly. It seemed to really work.

When we got home my face was so red from being hot that I think I concerned my husband a little bit. He kept telling me that my face was really red. He then told me that he thinks we should run a marathon. I think we need to slow down a little bit and hope I make it to being able to run for 20 minutes without stopping. But I am looking to see if there is a 5K that we can run down here. We will see how that goes. We will probably have to drive a few hours to find one.

But I am now excited and ready to continue with this running journey. I think my husband is excited that I have finally decided to start running, even if my pace is a little slower than he may like. We will see how the next 10 weeks go! Oh and I am not sure why we decided to run in the middle of the hot Louisiana summers. I guess we like a challenge.

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekend Update

Well I had big plans for this weekend. We were going to continue our Fourth of July celebrations by going to more fireworks. And then we realized that we did not really feel like fighting the crowds to find parking and then sitting in traffic to leave. So we decided not to go.

This weekend instead was what you would call an efficient weekend. Since we were gone the previous weekend at the beach, I had a lot of catching up to do around the house. I did either major or minor cleaning in every room in the house. I also started and finished  all the laundry in the house. Usually by the end of the weekend I end up with basket of folded clothes to be put away and then they sit there for a while. But not this weekend they were all put away. Miracle.

I also started on our office organization project that is one of my goals for this month. Mid project the room was looking like this.

But I think a room has to get worse before it can get better. I had to start with the closet and while pulling things out and deciding what to get rid of it got a little messy. But no worries I have a weekend in mind that I will be doing a total makeover so it will come along soon.

We also watched two movies this weekend and since we quit watching TV that is pretty much all we watch anymore. On Friday we watched A Knight's Tale and on Saturday we watched Django Unchained. Django was rated R and for good reason. There was quite a bit of violence in it, so I would not recommend it to those who do not like violence.

And on Sunday, we took our puppy to the dog park which make this week 10. Yay! Only two more weeks to go before I reach my goal!

Overall, the weekend was pretty successful and it feels good to have a clean house. Hopefully I can keep up with it now so that I do not have to do a whole lot of cleaning all at once anymore.

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Friday, July 5, 2013

Fourth of July Date

Well today I am back at work after our Fourth of July festivities. Hopefully this day will go quickly.

We started our celebration on Wednesday by heading over to our favorite fro-yo place, Sweet Frog. We go there way too much and seriously may have a problem. I also set up my Fourth of July decorations...a little late, but oh well. And we rented Les Miserables from red box and watched that.

Then, yesterday we celebrated by heading over to Shreveport, which is about an hour and a half away. Shreveport is a little bigger city than we live in, and our city is not doing fireworks till Saturday. So I read online that Shreveport was having this festival with different vendors and then there would be a concert later that night. Well, we got there around 2:30 and the only vendors around were food vendors. Bummer. I was expecting a lot more. So I bought some Dippin Dots and we asked the lady behind the counter if the place would get busy and she told us more people would show up around 6 but as far as vendors that was pretty much it.

So after eating my food, we decided to leave because it was super hot and we did not want to be in the sun. We decided to go to what they call the Boardwalk, which is a shopping center on the river. That way we could be in air conditioning and eat food and then watch the fireworks on the river. First we had to find parking, which was a pain because we did not know what was legal and what was not so we decided to just pay to park somewhere convenient. Then we had to walk a while to get to the shopping center. By the time we got there I was dying from the heat. And I do not know why because it was not a lot hotter than any other day. So we went to the first restaurant that had air conditioning and something to drink, which happened to be Fuddrucker's. We sat there for almost two hours trying to recover from the heat. Then we walked around a little, shopped a little, and people watched.

For dinner we headed to Joe's Crab Shack. They told us there was an hour and a half wait so we sat at the bar to bypass the wait.

Then we went and staked out a spot and waited for the fireworks.

The place ended up getting pretty packed. This family sat in front of us while we were waiting and then when the fireworks started they stood up. Who stands to watch fireworks? So they blocked our view because we were laying in the grass behind them. Then what seemed like the grand finale started and towards the end the fireworks sort of slowed down and then they stopped. So everyone assumed that they were over and started leaving. Because that is what you do when the fireworks stop. Then as we were walking away they did a bunch more fireworks that were supposed to be a part of the grand finale, but they must have missed them or something. That was disappointing.

So the day ended up not turning out at all like I had planned and I am not sure that I would go again next year. Not really worth the drive. But I did enjoy having my husband all to myself for the whole day. Love those kind of days. Any day spent with him without distraction is a good day. Oh and we did accomplish this which is always fun to see.

We are going to resume Fourth of July festivities tomorrow by heading out to see what our town has to offer in the fireworks department.

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