Thursday, June 20, 2013

What I would do this summer.....

....if I could in Louisiana. I am sort of sad that there is not a whole lot to do in these parts. Living in Minnesota, you always enjoyed summer because, well, the summers were always beautiful. Such nice weather to be outside in and so much to do I truly miss it. So today I am going to dream a little and write about what I would do this summer that they do not have around here.

-Have a bonfire. Since we live in an apartment I don't know how we could manage that one. Maybe we could convince a friend to have one at their house. But the bugs are so bad around here not sure that I would want to be outside after dark. Ha.

-Go to a drive in movie. I mean what is better than grilling out with friends, having a drink, and then watching 3 movies  all while sitting outside.

- Go to the Minnesota State Fair. We love  the state fair. So much fried food, cookies, hawaiian ice and all sorts of vendors. Even just the atmosphere is amazing.

- Go lawn bowling on the roof top of a bar. Never done it but it sounds fun.

- Go to a professional baseball game. Look at that skyline. So cool.

- Take puppy swimming in a lake. After hearing about all the alligators in the bayous around here, not sure I will ever set my foot in any water other than a swimming pool or the ocean. And puppy is afraid of water so we are trying to get her less afraid.

My dad trying to get puppy to swim

-Go biking on a path around a lake. Or just any path really. Last summer, my husband and I could hop on our bikes at our house and bike down a sidewalk that led to a bike trail. It was so amazing and I wish we had done it more.

Well those are the thing I wish we could do this summer. We do get to go to the beach and see the ocean (well the gulf of mexico but its close enough to the ocean) soon so I guess that makes up for some of these things. We can't do that in Minnesota that is for sure.

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