Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Update | Peach Festival

Happy Monday! I am trying to stay positive and hope that this week will be better than last week. And considering I only work a half day Friday and then I am going to the beach I am thinking it will be! Here is what we did this weekend.

When I got home from work I wanted to relax so I started reading. I finished reading The Night Circus, which was my book club book for this month. It was a different book, but I really liked it. Then, our new tradition continued on Friday and we went out for pizza and drink specials again. We hung out at the restaurant for a while then we went to go meet our friend's new puppy. Super cute.

In the town Richard goes to school they were holding their annual Peach Festival. There are a lot of peach farms in the area, which is where the name comes from. We went with a group of friends and just walked around and visited all the vendors and of course ate some food. Richard got to eat his cinnamon roasted almonds and then we enjoyed some shaved ice.

They also had some antique cars that were fun to look at. I love all the bright colors.

And since it is June in Louisiana it was hot  so we look sweaty in these pics but we had to take some pictures of us. We had a lot of fun at the festival despite the heat.

Then we came home and my husband studied while I crafted- post coming Thursday. And we finished the night off by watching the movie J. Edgar. We were on the letter J for watching a movie for each letter of the alphabet for my 101 in 1001 Days and my husband insisted that we watch this movie. He has been asking me to watch it for a while so I agreed. I was trying very hard not to fall asleep during that movie. I am just not a history person at all. 

Sunday was pretty typical. I finished my crafting project, my husband studied and I cleaned. Then we went to the dog park for week 8. They finally got the fountain at the dog park working again and Paisley was in heaven. She would chase a ball and then go cool of in the fountain. She wouldn't lay down unless she knew her ball was only a few feet away. Too cute.

So that was our fun weekend. And I cannot wait till next weekend! It has been a while since I have seen the ocean! 

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