Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend Update | Movie Weekend

Wow is it Monday already? I seriously woke up this morning and was shocked at how fast this weekend went. Well here is what we did this weekend.

We started the night by making dinner at home. I am actually really proud of that because I got home from work and really wanted to go out for dinner. But we are trying not to spend money on restaurants this month so I resisted. After dinner we did go out for some frozen yogurt. YUM! I love our frozen yogurt place. And for the two of us to go it is less than $5 so it is better than eating at a restaurant. Then we came home and watched the movie The Freedom Writers. Great movie. It totally makes you cry.

We started our Saturday by going to the local Farmer's Market.

It was pretty small compared to what I am used to, but we did find some goodies.

 photo 7f9f80d986ddc4969842d0f7117659be_zpsa2b80d0f.jpg

Then we came home and while Richard studied I added some decor to our bedroom. We bought new lamps from T.J. Max while we were home in Minnesota. Richard's parents also gave us a night stand because it matched the other they had already given us. So we switched out my old plastic three drawer night stand for a real night stand.

Sorry that these two pictures look completely different. The one on the left is what we used to have in the room. You can kinda see the plastic drawer system on the right of the bed. I like the new nightstand and the lamps so much better.

 photo 2208ba0d1113ddba1e044830a5e8f4eb_zpsef5ab15c.jpg

I added baskets to the night stand from target. I had a lot of junk in the drawers of my old night stand and this is the first thing you see when you walk in the door so I wanted it to be hidden. I also made a spot for all of my books so that I can reach them when I read at night.

Then we went to the dog park. This makes week 5 of going to the dog park in a row. Except for the two week vacation we took. But puppy got a lot of exercise on vacation so I am not going to make us start over on our 12 weeks in a row. Then we ate dinner at home again (yes!) and went and got frozen yogurt again. Seriously we are obsessed. But we got one for free so it was worth it.

Then we watched the movie Captain America. And about 2 minutes after we were done with our movie our power went out from a thunderstorm. Great timing! So my husband pulled out all his candles that he has on hand. Yes they are my husbands candles. He is a little crazy about his candles. He had like 10 on hand. But good thing because they lit our whole main level.  

 photo 6338e270d9e65dd1aedf378c66445365_zps7a71c3da.jpg

Then Sunday was the usual. Cleaning, studying, working out and grocery shopping. I even made like smoothie packs for the freezer so that they are ready to go in the morning if I want to make a smoothie. Then we watched the movie Thor to finish out the weekend. Lots and lots of movies this weekend. But it was fun to spend so much time with my husband.

 photo d1dffa0ff4e2df66c4975edda7f8512c_zps2ffe44f5.jpg

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  1. I love your weekend! FroYo is my absolutely favorite. I also pre pack my smoothies so in the morning they are ready to go. I want to Thor so bad! Second one will be in theaters soon. Have a great day girl.


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