Thursday, June 6, 2013

Life Lately...

I am excited to be joining in on this link up today because it is my first time and my dear friend Heather is one of the hosts!

So here is what we have been up to lately...

-last night we went on a walk on a trail near our house. I like this trail because it has a bunch of trees which makes it cooler to walk through and in the Louisiana heat that makes all the difference. Paisley puppy kept trying to eat leaves and my husband goes, "Uh, she keeps eating the shrubbery." Ha. Who calls it that anymore. Gotta love him.

 photo null_zpsc252571e.jpg

-I got this lovely save the date in the mail the other day. My good friend Rachel is getting married! I am so excited for her and happy to be able to be apart of her special day! Is it November yet?

-My husband and I have also stopped watching TV. I am actually enjoying it most of the time. We used to make dinner and then sit in front of the TV and eat. Now we make dinner and sit at the table and actually talk together. It is so much better and I love the time spent with my husband. While I am still struggling with how to fill my time, I think in the end I will enjoy it and be grateful.

-I started using this Moves app and I am in love. It tracks the steps and miles that you walk in a day. Yesterday I almost made it to 10,000 steps! Wow. That is almost 5 miles of walking. It also helped that we actually got out of the house and went on a walk last night. I am pretty proud of myself.

 photo null_zpse1fe38fa.jpg

- My sweet friend Sammi found this link about the different way people talk in the United States. I think it is pretty awesome and I had to share. Moving from Minnesota to Louisiana has been interesting especially when it come to the way people talk. There are 22 maps total so go check it out! Here are three of my favorites.

We have the soda/pop/coke debate all the time.

I had never seen a drive through liquor store till I moved. I still find the concept interesting. Ha.

Y'all is definitely something I do not think I could ever say. I understand why it makes sense I just cannot bring myself to say it. I get made fun of at work for saying "you guys" all the time.

So that is my life lately!

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  1. I saw those maps too ( I think on facebook) and was just fascinated by them! I've been thinking we need to take a TV break at our house too...but I might have to wait until this season of Master Chef is over ;)


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