Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Beach I will see you in about 7 hours! So excited for this relaxing weekend! Dear Paisley Puppy you are such a little cuddler looking so cute sitting on the couch. I love that I can always count on you to be my companion. Dear Husband your cute sitting on the couch too. Don't worry I haven't forgot about you. Dear Baby Sister I am so excited that you turned 21 yesterday! Even if I cannot be there to celebrate. Have fun tonight and be safe! Dear Minnesota I feel like I miss you more everyday. Is it ever going to get better? Dear Hamburger Picture you are proof that I ate you for lunch the other day. And for those of you who know me that is a big  deal. I am not a fan of hamburgers, but I did not really have a choice. Dear weekend I am excited to sit by the beach, with a drink in my hand, under the sun, with my friends by my side. Does it get any better?

Have a great weekend!

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