Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Beach I will see you in about 7 hours! So excited for this relaxing weekend! Dear Paisley Puppy you are such a little cuddler looking so cute sitting on the couch. I love that I can always count on you to be my companion. Dear Husband your cute sitting on the couch too. Don't worry I haven't forgot about you. Dear Baby Sister I am so excited that you turned 21 yesterday! Even if I cannot be there to celebrate. Have fun tonight and be safe! Dear Minnesota I feel like I miss you more everyday. Is it ever going to get better? Dear Hamburger Picture you are proof that I ate you for lunch the other day. And for those of you who know me that is a big  deal. I am not a fan of hamburgers, but I did not really have a choice. Dear weekend I am excited to sit by the beach, with a drink in my hand, under the sun, with my friends by my side. Does it get any better?

Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

DIY Beaded Flip Flops

For my DIY project this month, I wanted to take a pair of plain flip flops and make them look a little nicer so that I could wear them to work. I really needed some black shoes to wear with a lot of my dresses. So I made some DIY beaded flip flops. p.s. sorry for the horrible pictures my camera wasn't working with me.

Supplies Needed
  • Pair of Flip Flops
  • Hot Glue
  • Assorted beads- I had different sized pearls and some smaller gold beads
  • 1/2 inch ribbon matching the color of your flip flops
  • Needle and thread

Step One:

Wrap the ribbon around the strap of the flip flop. Use the hot glue and glue down as you go.

Step Two:
Weave ribbon inside the "V" of the flip flop to fill the space. Use hot glue as you go. Sorry I forgot to take a picture of this step but you can see the result in the next picture.

Step Three:

Use the needle and thread to thread all of the bead in their place. For the bigger pearls I also used hot glue to keep them in place.

Step Four:
Continue to thread and glue beads for both shoes until you fill up the whole ribbon section that you weaved earlier. 

Step Five:

Wear your flip flops to work with a cute dress like I did today! They are a little uneven in the beading but that is part of DIY I guess so I don't mind. 

So that is it. This project took me a lot longer than I thought it would and it also caused a lot more pain from looking down than I expected. But I am happy with the result so it was worth the pain. 

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

One Year Anniversary

Today I am joining in on the final week of the "From one year to beyond" linkup. This week's topic is One year Anniversary recap.

Our one year Anniversary was last August. Since it fell on a Monday, we started our celebrations Sunday night by going to dinner at The Melting Pot. 

I really enjoyed this restaurant experience. I didn't enjoy all of the food, but it was a different atmosphere than most restaurants so it was fun to do something different.

They started by bringing us out our appetizer which was cheese fondue with different types of bread and veggies to dip in the fondue.

Then they brought us out our main course, which was different types of meat to cook in the broth mix that they gave us.

The for dessert they brought us out chocolate fondue with different things to dip, like strawberries, brownies and other types of dessert. 

They even gave us chocolate covered strawberries to go since they knew we were celebrating our anniversary. The whole dinner lasted about 3 hours so it was more than just a dinner it was an experience and we really enjoyed it.

The next day, we both took the day off to spend our actual anniversary together. Richard planned the day for us since we decided that we are going to switch off who plans our anniversary each year. We started the day by going mini-golfing- one of our favorite things to do. We tried to go to a cute little place called Centennial Lakes, but someone had rented out the course so no one else was allowed on. Bummer. So quickly found another place to go mini-golfing nearby. It was not the best course but we had fun anyway. 

Then we went to a local malt shop called Snuffy's Malt Shop. We had some malts and some food and it was really delicious.

Then we went home and looked through our wedding album, something I want to do every year. We also ate the top layer of our wedding cake which was still surprisingly good. Then we also started a tradition of taking a picture of ourselves holding the previous year's picture. I am excited to see how these pictures will turn out through the years.

So that was how we celebrated our one year anniversary. Now its time for me to plan our two year anniversary for this August which is turning out to be harder than I expected. 

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Update | Peach Festival

Happy Monday! I am trying to stay positive and hope that this week will be better than last week. And considering I only work a half day Friday and then I am going to the beach I am thinking it will be! Here is what we did this weekend.

When I got home from work I wanted to relax so I started reading. I finished reading The Night Circus, which was my book club book for this month. It was a different book, but I really liked it. Then, our new tradition continued on Friday and we went out for pizza and drink specials again. We hung out at the restaurant for a while then we went to go meet our friend's new puppy. Super cute.

In the town Richard goes to school they were holding their annual Peach Festival. There are a lot of peach farms in the area, which is where the name comes from. We went with a group of friends and just walked around and visited all the vendors and of course ate some food. Richard got to eat his cinnamon roasted almonds and then we enjoyed some shaved ice.

They also had some antique cars that were fun to look at. I love all the bright colors.

And since it is June in Louisiana it was hot  so we look sweaty in these pics but we had to take some pictures of us. We had a lot of fun at the festival despite the heat.

Then we came home and my husband studied while I crafted- post coming Thursday. And we finished the night off by watching the movie J. Edgar. We were on the letter J for watching a movie for each letter of the alphabet for my 101 in 1001 Days and my husband insisted that we watch this movie. He has been asking me to watch it for a while so I agreed. I was trying very hard not to fall asleep during that movie. I am just not a history person at all. 

Sunday was pretty typical. I finished my crafting project, my husband studied and I cleaned. Then we went to the dog park for week 8. They finally got the fountain at the dog park working again and Paisley was in heaven. She would chase a ball and then go cool of in the fountain. She wouldn't lay down unless she knew her ball was only a few feet away. Too cute.

So that was our fun weekend. And I cannot wait till next weekend! It has been a while since I have seen the ocean! 

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Sami's Shenanigans

Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Paisley Puppy you were very distracting while I was trying to work out the other day. But your so hard to be mad at with that cute face. Dear Husband thank you for understanding my need to get out of the house last night and go on a walk. Apparently we are going to start running next week. We will see how that goes. Dear Friends and Family in Minnesota I miss you. Wish I could come visit this summer. Especially next week when my baby sister turns 21. Sad that I cannot be there to celebrate. Dear Beach I am coming to see you in one week! I am so excited to feel the sand and the sunshine. Dear Incredibly Long Week I am glad you are almost over. I am hoping that you wont be as long once my friend comes back from maternity leave. Dear Weekend only a few more hours till you are here. Come quick please.

joining in on the blog hop with Heaher!
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Thursday, June 20, 2013

What I would do this summer.....

....if I could in Louisiana. I am sort of sad that there is not a whole lot to do in these parts. Living in Minnesota, you always enjoyed summer because, well, the summers were always beautiful. Such nice weather to be outside in and so much to do I truly miss it. So today I am going to dream a little and write about what I would do this summer that they do not have around here.

-Have a bonfire. Since we live in an apartment I don't know how we could manage that one. Maybe we could convince a friend to have one at their house. But the bugs are so bad around here not sure that I would want to be outside after dark. Ha.

-Go to a drive in movie. I mean what is better than grilling out with friends, having a drink, and then watching 3 movies  all while sitting outside.

- Go to the Minnesota State Fair. We love  the state fair. So much fried food, cookies, hawaiian ice and all sorts of vendors. Even just the atmosphere is amazing.

- Go lawn bowling on the roof top of a bar. Never done it but it sounds fun.

- Go to a professional baseball game. Look at that skyline. So cool.

- Take puppy swimming in a lake. After hearing about all the alligators in the bayous around here, not sure I will ever set my foot in any water other than a swimming pool or the ocean. And puppy is afraid of water so we are trying to get her less afraid.

My dad trying to get puppy to swim

-Go biking on a path around a lake. Or just any path really. Last summer, my husband and I could hop on our bikes at our house and bike down a sidewalk that led to a bike trail. It was so amazing and I wish we had done it more.

Well those are the thing I wish we could do this summer. We do get to go to the beach and see the ocean (well the gulf of mexico but its close enough to the ocean) soon so I guess that makes up for some of these things. We can't do that in Minnesota that is for sure.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Growing as a Couple

I am here to join in on this link up again this week.

Last week we talked about Hard Moments from our First Year. This week's topic is what we have learned from the unexpected and and how have we grown as a couple.

Well the biggest unexpected moment was moving from Minnesota to Louisiana, which I talked about last week. Picking up and moving to a brand new place meant that all we had was each other. We have been able to spend more time together as just us and this has helped us to grow together.

We have also learned that we need to rely on each other. Richard has to rely on me to do most of the household chores, take care of the bills and support us financially. I rely on him to keep up with his studies and invest himself in his school program as much as possible so that he can support us in the future. Together we have made a solid team where we really do need each other.

And since it is just the two of us, we also have learned how to communicate better so we fight a lot less. Which for us is huge. We are learning that we each have our own needs and that we need to respect the others. Richard understands that I need some quality time with him every week so he sets aside time for me. And I understand that he needs his time to study and he cannot always talk to me even though I may try to have those conversations.

Another thing we had to learn together is how to handle our finances. When we got married, we combined our money because we need two incomes to pay all the bills. This has caused us to make financial decisions together. Luckily, we both have the cheap mentality and we don't struggle with differing opinion on how our money should be spent. We have our budgets that we try hard to stick to. We also learned in pre-martial counseling to set up a "guilt free" budget where each person get a specified amount of money to spend each month "guilt free". That way we have room in the budget to spend money how we want individually, even if the other does not agree. Hence why we call it guilt free. This has worked really well for us as a couple.

Through these last few years we have learned so much together and in the future we know we will learn so much more! We are excited for the journey ahead of us and where life will take us!

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