Thursday, May 16, 2013

Subway Art Tutorial

As seen on Monday, I made subway art in Photoshop over the weekend. Here is what I did to make it. (Sorry these pictures are not super easy to see)

Step One
First you have to create a new file. So you go to file then select new and the click blank file. Then the box below pops up. You then have to name your file and you can choose your size. I wanted mine to be 7 by 5 inches so it would fit my frame. Then I set my resolution to 300 pixels/ inch.

Step Two
Then I copied and pasted the chalkboard background found here. And I re-sized it so that it fit the size I wanted.

Step Three
I downloaded the crumpled paper pattern from here (it also tells you how to add it to Photoshop). The crumpled paper pattern adds more texture to your chalkboard. Then to apply it to this document it I went to layer then highlighted new fill layer and selected pattern like the picture shows. Then a box pops up and you select the crumpled paper pattern.

Step Four
After adding the pattern to your picture, the image looks too white. So I changed the opacity of my layer so that it was more see through. In the picture you can see the opacity change in the lower right area. I changed it to 10%.

Step Five
Then came the fun part. I added all my words using the text feature in Photoshop. I picked places that mean something to my husband and I. Like where we met, where we got married, where we have lived and other places I could think of. You can select different font types and sizes and you can even stretch the text boxes so that you can size it exactly how you want it. Each new word will create a new layer which makes it easy to edit. My advice would be to keep words away from your edges because otherwise they end up getting covered once you print and frame them.

Step Six
Once I had my words placed the way I wanted them, I wanted to make things a little less crisp. So I decided to add some noise to make it look more like a chalk board. So to do that you have to select a word layer then go to filter highlight noise then click on add noise.

Step Seven
Then an add noise box will pop up.I chose to select it to be about 30% and chose a uniform distribution and checked the box for monochromatic.

Step Eight
Then repeat step seven for each word layer. Then your image is done. I made two different ones for the two frames I had in mind. Here are my finished images.

Step Nine
Then I sent them to Office Depot to be printed. I have heard that Staples also does a good job printing, but I don't have one by me.

Step Ten
Frame, Hang and Enjoy :)

I love how personal it is especially next to my Minneapolis print. 

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