Saturday, May 18, 2013

Puppy is 4!

I cannot believe that my puppy baby is four years old today. That is pure craziness.

The day we brought her home she looked so tiny.

And we fell in love with her immediately. She is my little baby.  Here is a bunch a facts about my puppy mixed in with her beautiful face. This is what she looks like now. All grown up.

-My family has bred German Shorthair Pointer puppies since I was really little. 

-When one of our dogs had this litter of puppies, we were not planning on getting one. But my husband (at the time fiance) convinced me. And boy am I glad he did.

-We named her Paisley after Brad Paisley since we both love his music. And I love the name so much.

-Even though she is four years old she still acts like a puppy. 

-She follows me around every where I go. Even if it is just to run upstairs to grab something she comes with me.

Yes we feed her people food. No shame. She loves it.
- She is afraid of almost everything. Especially loud noises. And when you crumple a plastic bag. Even when you just touch a plastic bag she takes off running upstairs.

-When she gets scared she like to hide under things. Like our bed or our Christmas tree. Especially when it is thundering outside, he first stop is under the bed.

-She loves to play. She especially likes soft toys and tennis balls. She will bring us a tennis ball and leave it there until you throw it. And if you throw it she always brings it back and wants you to throw it again.

-At the dog park, she does not care about all the other dogs. Once she sees the chuck-it with the tennis ball she is ready to chase the ball. And she will get the ball and bring it back until she is ready to pass out.

-She is a primadonna and refuses to lay down until she has a nice soft bed to lay on. So we have three different beds in our house, one for each room. And the one in the living room is like a couch for a dog. It is huge and she loves it.

-She lays on the couch with me while my husband studies. But as soon as she hears him coming down the stairs, she jumps off and pretends like she was never up there with me.

-My older sister also has one of Paisley's litter sisters at her house. But my sister's dog is a solid liver dog so they look like night and day.

-My husband really wishes she would hunt. She loves to find things and smells everything, but she is afraid of loud noises. So as soon as the gun goes off she goes running in the opposite direction.

-Since we raised so many dogs we have had over 5 generations of dogs. Here is a picture of three generations. From left to right we have Paisley's grandma Jasmine, her mom Rajah and then Paisley. Our family also raised Paisley's great grandma Nala and her great great grandma Cocoa. But Cocoa, Nala and Jasmine are all in puppy heaven and I miss them still.

So there she is! I love her to pieces and she is my companion all the time. I honestly think I spend more time with her than my husband. She is like my kid and I wouldn't trade her for anything.

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