Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Goals

Well I decided that I am going to start making more short term goals for each month. Then I can hold myself accountable at the beginning of each month. I already have my New Years Goals and my 101 in 1001 days, but I think those are too big picture for me that I need more specific goals for each month. 

May is going to be a little tough since I will be on vacation for a good chunk of the month, but I am going to try my best to make these goals.

  • Make one pinterest project: In order to keep up with one of my 101 things, I need to make at least one pinterest project this month.
  • Change out my seasonal decor for something summery: Right now I have spring decor out so towards the end of May I need to put out some summer decor. That means summer is almost here!
  • Spend less money on restaurants this month than last month: This may be tough with our vacation, but we spent way way too much on restaurants last month and I would like to lower that number.
  • Do something active at least three times a week: I need to get off my butt and start working out. Even just a walk around the park is good enough for me.
  • Make at least two scrapbook pages: My scrapbook has been neglected. And considering I am three years behind I really need to keep working on this.
  • Eat healthy lunches at work all month: I have started eating only fruits and vegetables at work this week and I would like to continue doing it through the rest of this month.
  • Take more pictures: I love taking pictures. All the time. When it is just Richard and I, I take a bunch without thinking about it cause Richard has come to learn that it is what I do. But when we are with other people I feel stupid asking everyone to stop and take a picture. I don't know why. But I need more pictures of what we are doing regularly.
So that is it. I hope I can make it happen so that I can get it all done!

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