Tuesday, May 21, 2013


This past weekend I went with my dad, my little sister Anna, her boyfriend Jason and my husband to Dallas to go to Six Flags. On Friday, Richard and I drove over from Louisiana and picked up everybody else at the airport. Since they got in so late, we decided to hit a quick restaurant for food. We went to Boston's Restaurant and Sports Bar. Everyone except me ate a buffalo chicken pizza and I got nachos. Both meals were really good. 

On Saturday, we went to Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. This was a water park with a bunch of different types of slides. We were there all day and were barely able to make it on all the rides. There were some really amazing slides at the park. My favorite was one where you slide down on a tube for four people and the slide dumps you into a giant funnel where you quickly go back and forth in the funnel. It was a lot of fun.

There were a few other slides that were fun too. Ones where you couldn't see because the tunnel was dark, one that you sat on a board and went down a giant slide and others that were really steep and dropped you into 12 feet of water. It was a really fun park.

On Sunday, we went to Six Flags Over Texas. The lines for the rides were actually surprisingly short. The longest line we stood in was about 45 minutes and it was for one of the major roller coasters. There was not a whole lot of rides in this park, but the rides that they did have were pretty amazing. They had quite a few roller coasters that we went on. 

My husband normally cannot go on roller coasters because he gets really sick. So he decided to take a motion sickness medicine and it worked! He was able to ride the roller coasters all day without getting sick. I was really excited because this means we can go to more amusement parks because I love them!

The best roller coaster we went on all day was called the Mr. Freeze. You get in the roller coaster and it  launches you backwards really fast. You then go upside down and around curves while still going backward. Then they grab the roller coaster and pull you up in the air so you are looking straight down and then they release you and you do the whole ride over again but forward this time. It was pretty sweet.

On Monday, we explored Dallas a little bit. We went to the outlet malls and bought some stuff. 

Then before we had to drop my sister's boyfriend off at the airport, we had some time to kill so we went to Dave and Busters, which is basically an adult Chuck E. Cheese. They had some fun games that made you feel like a kid again.

Then we dropped my sister's boyfriend off at the airport and the rest of us drove to Minnesota. We had to drive through where the tornado in Oklahoma hit so we had some bad weather and road closures, but  we made it to Minnesota by early Tuesday morning. And I will finish my vacation off with friends and family. So excited! More to come later!

We also got to see this awesome rainbow while driving through some of the storms. It was amazing.

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