Friday, May 31, 2013

Monthly Review- May

Wow is May over already? I cannot believe how fast this month went. It probably has something to do with my 10 day vacation that I had this month. Made the month fly by. 

Some special birthdays were celebrated this month.

My friend Heather's birthday was on the 23rd. And my Dad's Birthday is today! Happy Birthday Dad!

Here are some of my favorite things from May

1. My friend Kristen's baby shower and then welcoming baby Eli into this world!

2. Going to Dallas and visiting the amusement park

3. Fruits and Vegetables. I have only been eating fruits and vegetables while at work. I am amazed at how quickly I started to feel better and more energized. But my vacation sort of interrupted that but I am getting back on track since I am back at work.

4. Going to the Zoo with my family when I was home in Minnesota

5. This picture of my nephew. He is such a cutie.

6. Noodles and Company. Great place to eat food. And I went there 3 times while I was home. I really, really wish there was one down by us!

May was a pretty amazing month. So much happened in a short amount of time. I am looking forward to what June will hold! And hoping that the time goes quickly so that I can see my family again in November! Ahh such a long time!

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

We're going to the Zoo!

While I was in Minnesota on my vacation we went to the Minnesota Zoo! I love this zoo. It is pretty big and we got to see a lot of animals. I went with my sister, her husband, my nephew, my other sister and my mom. The pictures sort of speak for themselves.

My younger sister wore her tiger shirt to the zoo. Haha.

At first, my nephew really enjoyed the cows. But I think they scared him a little bit.

After a morning at the zoo, he was pretty tired.

It was a really fun day and I am glad that the weather was perfect! It was one of the only nice days we had while I was there so it was amazing!.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Vacation in Minnesota

I am back! And this past week has been amazing. I love being able to go home and see family and visit all of the places I miss. Here is some of the things I did while I was gone.

-I had coffee with my friend Heather and then we walked around the Mall of America. She is so encouraging and I feel like we have sooo much in common that I love chatting with her!

- I had lunch my friend Tiffany. She is so much fun and it was nice catching up with her! We talked about everything we could think of and I love spending time with her!

-I went to my two favorite restaurants. I ate at Noodles and Company three times and Panera Bread once. So delicious.

-I went and explored downtown St. Paul with Richard and his parents. We went to a cute coffee shop for breakfast. They even have the same fiesta dishes that Richard and I got as a wedding present so I was in love.

-While exploring downtown, Richard's dad suggested we go to a build your own pasta bar since he know I love pasta. It was a place called Trattoria Da Vinci and it was fantastic. You go through the line and pick your sauce and everything you want to add to it and then the type of pasta you want and then they heat it up for you. It was a different concept and I really want to go there again. Like now.

- I also got to spend time with Richard's little brothers. His youngest brother had a kindergarten program at school that we went to watch. It was pretty cute. 

- I ate frozen yogurt twice. I think it has become my new addiction. However, the one by our house in Louisiana is by far the best. 

- I had a lot of time to spend with my cutie nephew. Love him to pieces.

- I went to the zoo with my family but that day deserves a whole other post. Coming Soon.

-My Aunt hosted a card party where my aunts, uncles and cousins get together to play cards. Playing cards in my family is a big deal and we always play a game called sheephead. It is a fun time to hangout and see everyone while playing a game. And when my family gets together it is pretty crazy. Wish I had remembered to take pictures of that.

- I went shopping a few different stores that I can only go to when I go back to Minnesota. It is always fun to do that.

-Richard and I also hung out with some friends together which is always fun with these people. It gets pretty crazy but I love it. We have me, Sammi, and Carrie in the left picture and Herman and Richard in the right pictures. Apparently Herman cannot take a good picture. ha.

But overall it was a really fun trip. I cannot wait to go back even though it won't be for six months which makes me sad. Hopefully it will fly by!

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