Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Update | Disc Golfing

Well it is Monday. And that means time for my weekend update! 

We had a pretty chill Friday night. We were both really tired from the week of no sleep. Richard was at school working on an assignment and did not get home until 8. Then we went to Olive Garden for dinner-we are completely out of food in our house. Then we came home, hung out and went to bed early. Really exciting I know.

We woke up early to take our puppy Paisley to the vet. It is always an interesting experience with her at the vet's office. I am glad Richard was there to help.

Then we headed over to one of Richard's classmates (Evan) house so that the two of them could finish an assignment. I hung out with his fiancee (Claire) since we did not have school work to do. Then we went to lunch with them at a place called Appetizers. It was not very good. Oh well.

Then, since the weather was amazingly beautiful-75 degrees and sunny with a slight breeze- we headed with our puppy to the dog park. She loves that place and she will run and chase a ball for hours without stopping. She cannot help herself, even if she is ready to pass out she still brings the ball back for us to throw.

Then we headed out for our monthly date. Since it was so beautiful outside and we wanted to enjoy it we decided to go disc golfing. We looked up a place to go and chose what sounded good. Well the course was a bit confusing and it was hard to find the next hole when we finished one. We even had to skip a few holes because they looked a little sketch- they were deep in the woods or we had to be in someones back yard. Let's just say it was an adventure.

The bottom left picture shows part of the course. The water there is part of a swamp. It was still a good time and we got some good walking in. Next time, however we need to find a better course. I'll have to recruit some of my work friends for advice on where to go. Then we went home ordered a pizza and watched Pitch Perfect. Cute movie. Our date was definitely a success and some much need quality time with the husband was perfect.

We headed to the Tech(where Richard goes to school) baseball game to enjoy another sunny day. We sat in the sun and it felt wonderful. I also got the first sunburn of the season. It was a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon in the glorious sunshine. Then we went on our much needed grocery trip. So much food but much needed. 

The whole weekend was great and I was so happy to spend so much time outside and with my husband.

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