Monday, April 1, 2013

Monthly Review-March

Well with yesterday being the last day of the month I am here to write my monthly review. This month was full of lots of spring cleaning and hanging out with friends.

March 1
Since this was winter graduation at Richard's school, we went out to dinner at a place called Sundown with the people in his program and some of the faculty. One of students from last years graduating class came back for graduation and we went out to celebrate with him. After dinner we went to a local bar called Dawg House. It was a very interesting night and it was fun to celebrate.

March 2
We celebrated with some people in Richard's program for their accomplishment of finishing a consulting challenge. Every year, the second years participate in a made up consulting problem where have to advise the fake company on how they can fix the problem. So we celebrated by going out to dinner at a place called Portico Bar & Grill with faculty and then afterward hung out at someone's house with just the students.

March 9
Richard and I headed out to Shreveport to explore the "big" city. We had a lot of fun shopping and exploring the city.

March 15
We went to the baseball game at Richard's school. Then we ended up going to Dawg House to eat some good food and to hangout.

March 16
We celebrated St. Patrick's Day by going to another baseball game and headed out to Dawg House with a bunch of people. Dawg house is pretty much the only good place to go in this tiny college town.

March 20
I took my puppy on a walk at a nearby park. It was a fun way to get out of the house and my first time to take her on my own so I was proud.

March 22-23 
This was my cleaning extravaganza weekend. Richard had a lot of studying to do so I did some Spring cleaning and some organizing.

March 25
We took Flat Michael out for some ice cream to celebrate our last night with him before sending him back.

March 29
Richard and I headed down to Baton Rouge to celebrate my birthday. I will talk more about this later but here is a preview.
Update: See our trip here!

March 30
We went out with some friends to celebrate my birthday. More later but here is a preview.
Update: See the celebration here!

March 31
We celebrated out first Easter away from home by inviting some friends over for dinner. I will share more detailed shots later.
Update: See it here!

This weekend was super busy so I haven't had time to post about it, which is why I will share later this week.  Stay tuned. 

Goals Review:
Be More Active
I have been doing pretty good with this. Not only am I trying to work out more, but I am trying to be more healthy.
Be More Organized
I have done alright in this area this month. I have been organizing my house a lot, but I could do better at the keeping-the-house-clean-during-the-week thing.
Watch less TV, Spend More Time Doing My Hobbies
I have been pretty consistent about when I shut the TV off at night recently. However, it is mostly just to make sure I got to bed at a decent time. Doing more crafting and scrapbooking is definitely something I need to do.
Build My Relationship with My Husband
Date nights/days have continued into this month which is awesome. Sometimes I wish we had a little more time in the day so I could spend more time with my husband. 
Have Fun!
I have been having a lot of fun as you can see by the events this past month. I could work on being less stressed about money when we are having fun. I know we don't spend outside our means, but it is hard to let go of the money and just have fun.

you can find my list of goals here!

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