Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Monthly Review- April

Well today is the last day of the month so here I am with my monthly review! This month was full of birthdays and celebrations. I am going to do this a little differently this month so we will see how it goes.

First things first. My little nephew is officially 6 months old today! Ahh! Stop growing my baby!

And April is a huge birthday month for my friends and family. 

My older sister's husband Tyler's birthday is April 6th
Our friend Herman's (on the right) birthday is April 5th 
Our friend Sammi's (on the left) birthday is April 23rd
My little sister's boyfriend Jason's birthday is today! Yahoo!

And then my birthday was on April 2nd. 

Then here is a review of some of my favorite things from this last month. 

1. Going home to Minnesota and seeing all my friends and family. 

2. Going disc golfing with the husband and spending a whole a lot of time with him.

3. This cardigan that I made for pictures with my nephew. I was so proud of my first sewing project.  My nephew is also pictured above sporting my creation.

4. The Blogilates workout calendar. It took me almost a whole month to actually start it, but it has kicked my butt into gear. Workouts=sore muscles.

5. All the pictures I took and some that still need to be edited. I am very proud of how my photography is developing. Pun intended. I am learning so much and I love the opportunities I have to take pictures. Here is another one of my nephew since he is just so dang cute. 

6. The weather in Louisiana has been pretty amazing. I am trying to enjoy it as much as I can before the super hot and humid comes and I will be locking myself inside.

And here is my goals update for the month of April.

1. Be More Active
Towards the end of this month I started working out again. But I went almost an entire month of not working out at all. It is shameful and I blame in on my vacation in the middle of the month. Preparing and then recovering took a lot of my time and energy. But no more excuses it is happening in May!

2. Be More Organized
Horrible. I need to get off my butt and keep up with the cleaning around my house. I have had so much going on this month that it sorta got put on the back burner. I just need to suck it up and clean. Otherwise it gets to be too much to do at once. Just do it.

3. Watch Less TV, Spend More Time Doing My Hobbies
This is sort of tough this month cause I was doing my hobbies while watching TV. So its kinda 50/50. But I would like to scrapbook more and I can't do that in front of the TV. So I still need to work on that.

4. Build My Relationship with My Husband
We had our monthly date night again this month. I love these cause it is a chance to put everything else away and spend one on one time with my husband. Which can be hard to do when he is busy all the time with school. But I just love the days set aside for us. 

5. Have Fun!
And this one is a given. I try very hard to have fun. I am hoping to take advantage of the south and explore it a little bit. I want to go to the beach since it is only six hours away. I am thinking Galveston, TX, Gulf Shores, AL, or Pensacola, FL. Not sure yet. But I mean 6 hours from the beach? I can't not go. It is happening even if I have to go by myself. Ha.

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  1. your nephew is adorable!!!!

    is that panera cream of broccoli soup I spot??? love that!

    1. Thank you! And it is actually Panera chicken wild rice soup which is my fav! :)

  2. You made that onesie?! It's adorable!! Well done! This time of year it's hard for me to watch less T.V. because of all the season finales :) Happy Last Day of April!!

  3. What is Blogilates? I need to look into that!

    Your nephew is SO adorable! I can't believe you made that cardigan, you crafty thing, you!! Awesome!

    Happy Belated Birthday! Looks like April was a great month.


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