Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Minnesota Recap

I'm Back! My trip to Minnesota was amazing and I loved every minute of it!

So here is a quick recap:

I drove two hours to get to the Jackson, Mississippi airport parked my car and got on a plane. I had a layover in Atlanta where I found out that my plane had been pushed back. Well that meant more time in the airport. So I headed to my gate and I saw a Caribou Coffee and I got really excited to have a smoothie and so I went to the counter only to find out that they do not accept the only credit card I had on me and I didn't have any cash. boo. Oh well, guess I had to wait till I got to Minnesota for that. So I found dinner and then boarded the plane.

I landed in Minnesota at about 10 pm where my dad and younger sister picked me up. Then we headed over to my older sisters house where I usually stay. The three of us stayed up till about 1 in the morning just talking.

Here is an old picture of us from Black Friday Shopping last year

After waking up, I took some pictures of my cute little nephew for his 6 month shots (will share later). Then my mom, my sisters, my nephew and I head out to lunch at Panera Bread. It is just so delicious.

Then all of us headed to the Mall of America. If you have never been here this mall is huge and I love it. It hold a special place in my heart since I met my husband while working here-even though the store we met in moved so I don't like seeing the new store there. I made my little sister take pictures of the mall to show my friends in the south how big it is. She walked around with all the other tourists taking pictures and she blamed me for making her look like a tourist. Ha oops. 

Look at the size of that Forever 21. This is only part of it there is still an upstairs too. This store replaced a department store and they made it look amazing.

On our way home from the mall we stopped so that I could finally get my Caribou Coffee fix. All three of us got the same thing- strawberry banana smoothie. It's amazing and you have to try it.

Then we went back to my sister's house where we met up with my dad and my brother-in-law and my younger sister made one of my mom's signature recipe's linguine and clam sauce. It was delicious and since I don't usually make it at home it was a nice treat. Then we played cards like we always do and it was fun. I forget how much my family can make me laugh and how much fun we can have when we just sit around together.

Seriously look at that face. How could you not love him.

I went to breakfast with my friend Rachel. She lives in Florida right now while she is going to school and since I am in Louisiana, we only see each other when we both make it back to Minnesota at the same time. I saw she was home because one of her friends posted a picture of her and I didn't know she was in town otherwise so we made a quick plan to see each other and I am glad it worked out! She is getting married in Novemeber and I am so excited to help out on her special day! I probably won't see her before the wedding so it was nice to catch up.

The last time I saw her at Heather's wedding in January
Then I went to lunch with Sammi and her sister Carrie. We went to noodles and company where I got Truffle Mac and it was wonderful. It was nice to catch up with both of them and it is amazing how fast the time goes when you are catching up. Two hours flew by.

The last day we hung out before Richard and I moved.
Then my younger sister and I headed over to a store called Heartbreakers in Richfield. It is my absolute favorite store and I always have good luck finding clothes there. I make sure to stop in each time I am home. Then we picked up two pizzas from Pizza and Pasta which is a fabulous pizza place and my favorite place to get pizza. And we got two pizzas for free thanks to stealing coupons from my dads house-thanks dad! He was there-along with my older sister, her husband and my nephew- to enjoy the pizza so it wasn't a total steal. Then we watched the movie Lincoln. 

Monday was a pretty relaxed day. I hung out with my older sister the whole day and we went over to one of her friend's house who just had a baby. I was able to take his newborn pictures which was exciting. He did really well and slept almost the whole time so we got some really great pictures. Then I went out to dinner at Applebees with my mom, dad, older sister, her husband and my nephew. 

Everyone in this picture wwent to dinner except my younger sister- she had a test to study.
My mom came too.
He is a picture from our wedding :)

My plane left at 5:30 in the morning so I was up at 3:30. Thankfully there was a Caribou Coffee at the airport. Then I landed in Jackson, Mississippi and drove two hours straight to work and worked a half day. I was exhausted by the end of the day and finally got to see my husband who I hadn't seen since Wednesday. 

So there you have it everything that I did this past weekend. Sorry about all the old pictures I forgot to take new ones! Overall it was a really amazing trip. 

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