Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Going Raw

Well I have decided that I will be going mostly raw in my eating choices. I have been reading about what it means to go raw and the health affects it has on your body so I am going to try it.

Going raw means that I will only be eating raw, uncooked, naturally occurring foods. Stephanie at Beautiful Mess was the first person who inspired me to do this. Here is her list of raw foods.

I, however, will not be going fully raw. I am going to try raw before dinner. Which to me means that I will eat only raw foods until it is time for dinner. So my breakfast, lunch and snacks will consist of fruits and vegetables. I am not a huge fan of vegetables so it may be a challenge to find some of those that I like. But I love love love fruit. So I am hoping that I can find a good balance to make it work.

I am not going to be super strict on myself, I am just going to try to get as close to fully raw before dinner. I may still drink my hot chocolate in the morning or use dressing for my salad and vegetables. I figure that getting close is good enough for me right now. My main reason for wanting to do this is to be healthier and also I am sick of eating sandwiches for lunch everyday. It is hard for me to get creative with lunches that I will like.

So step one to going raw is buying all of my fruits and vegetables. Which may be a challenge. Our local Walmart is terrible with their selection of produce. So the husband and I will have to make an extra trip to a different grocery store to buy produce (grocery stores in Louisiana are terrible). I am hoping that one of the stores in our area will have organic fruits and vegetables for me to buy.

After I told my husband that I wanted to go raw he sent me this link about the dirty dozen-which are the 12 most pesticide heavy fruits and vegetables. And I eat a lot of the items on this list. Here they are:

Peaches//Spinach//Sweet Bell Peppers//Nectarines (imported)
Cucumber//Potatoes//Cherry Tomatoes//Hot Peppers

 I stumbled upon Kristine's blog this morning where she is hosting a green smoothie challenge and I thought it was perfect since I do not like a lot of vegetables. I love smoothies so I am going to try making a green smoothie-with spinach- to see if I like it. That way I can get an extra helping of vegetables though out my day, most likely for breakfast.

So starting next week, I am going to attempt to go raw before dinner. I will let you know how it goes. I also need to kick my butt into gear and start working out. I have every intention of doing so when I leave work, but then it doesn't happen. So that will be starting next week too.

Here are some of the sources I read:

And they themselves have more information linked as well. 


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