Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Sushi you were fun to enjoy last night with some friends. Richard enjoyed the food on the left while I enjoyed the food on the right. I am not a big fan of raw sushi. Dear Minnesota I am sorry for all the snow you are receiving in April. I hope that it goes away for you soon. Also, I will be back to visit you again in a little more than 4 weeks! Dear Workouts I will be joining you again for some fun next week. With all the food I ate in Minnesota I am definitely in need of a good workout! Dear Husband not seeing each other for a week and then you having late class means that we are in great need of some quality time. Dear Photo Editing you are going to take some time to accomplish since I took so many pictures on my trip back to Minnesota. Dear Lightroom and Photoshop I am hoping that you two cooperate together so that I can edit all of my pictures semi-quickly. Dear Weekend I am excited you are almost here! I am looking forward to some sleep, a date with the husband, and some much needed cleaning.

Have a good weekend!


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