Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Letters

Last time I saw my nephew. He is so much bigger now!
Dear Minnesota 12 hours and counting! Dear Husband have a lot of fun on your trip and meet lots of new people. Make use of your networking opportunities! Dear Paisley Puppy have fun at doggy daycare this weekend. I hope that you use up all of you energy chasing the ball in the backyard. Dear Baby D you are going to look so cute in your new cardigan! I am so excited to take your 6 month shoots! Kisses soon! Dear Friends and Family my weekend is filled to the brim with time spent with you! Can't wait. Dear Panera Bread I will be enjoying your delicious-ness tomorrow at lunch time! yum. Dear Noddles and Company I will be visiting you on Sunday. I can already taste it. Dear Driving and Flying please be nice to me. I don't like traveling alone so make it easier for me please. Dear Weekend you are going to be a good one. Excited.

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