Thursday, April 4, 2013

Egg Creation and a 101 Update

I needed new decorations for my glass containers that sit on our kitchen table. So with it being Spring I decided to paint some eggs. While we were in Baton Rouge, I saw a Joann Fabrics and I yelling excitedly for my husband to stop and check it out. I miss this store a ridiculous amount. While we were there we bought some of my supplies. We bought four colors of paint, a foam brush, and some masking tape. And thank to the generous cashier who gave us some coupons we only paid $3. Yay! The next day when we were back at home I went to Hobby Lobby to buy paper mache eggs. I bought 5 big eggs for a dollar each and 10 little eggs for 50 cents each. Not too bad.  

Step One:
Plan out what colors to use. I wanted to paint each egg two colors and I had two different containers so I wanted there to be a good mix.

Step Two:
Put on masking tape to make a clean line for the bottom color of paint. 

Step Three:
Start painting. This step took a lot longer than I thought it would. Each half of the egg needed like 7 coats of paint and I only had one paint brush so I had to rinse it each time I changed colors. Next time I would buy more brushes to make it easier. 

Step Four:
Once both sides of the eggs were painted I decided to use some ribbon I already had to add something extra. 

Step Five:
Arrange all of the eggs in your canister to make it look pretty and admire.

So there you have it my decor for the Spring- part of my 101 in 1001 Days. I also added some garlands to our mantle and our wine rack to make it extra festive. 

Some other things to cross off my 101 list:

Read 10 Books. I finished yet another book and I will probably be finishing them a lot quicker now since I joined a book club with my sister and a few of our friends. The book I finished was Honolulu by Alan Brennert. This book was really good and I would highly recommend it. 

Get a Pedicure. I went with some friends on my birthday on Tuesday to get a pedicure. I loved it. I love sitting in the chair getting a massage while someone else massages your feet and then paints your toes. I definitely need to do this more often. 

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