Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Dinner

This past weekend was Easter as you all know. Since we don't have family in the area and we couldn't make it home, we decided to host Easter at our house with our substitute family for the time being. So we invited over some people from Richard's program that also live too far away from home to go home for Easter. 

This was the first dinner party that we have thrown for people other than family so it was kind of fun to make it look pretty. 

This was our centerpiece for the table. The flowers were from my wonderful husband as an early birthday present. Then I filled my usual glass containers with something Spring-y. I painted some eggs to put in the containers-more on that tomorrow. 

Ahh so pretty! And I got a new camera lens for my birthday and it takes some pretty amazing pictures. I am in love. It is a 50mm f/1.4 if anyone is interested.  

Then we set the table with place mats  glasses, plates, utensils, and our pretty new napkins. I love how fun and colorful they are.

For dinner we made a ham (wonderfully given to us by Richard's parents), company potatoes (a cheesy potato bake recipe from Richard's family), a green bean casserole, a sweet potato souffle (pre-made from honey baked ham), and my grandma's caramel roll recipe. Then one of our friends made and brought her own sweet roll recipe as well. And I forgot to actually take a picture of the food and our guests. Ha. I guess I was enjoying myself too much. 

So our first ever hosted holiday was a success. I just need to remember to take more pictures next time.

I did remember to at least take a picture of the two of us.

Happy Easter!

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