Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Birthday Extravaganza

Today is my birthday! Happy Birthday to Me! This past weekend was filled with lots of celebrations and excitement. 

To start out the festivities, Richard and I woke up really early on Friday and drove the 3 1/2 hours to Baton Rouge. Richard surprised me with this plan a few days earlier. I wanted to go somewhere bigger to go shopping, but we had just gone to Shreveport a few weeks ago. So Baton Rouge it was. The mall there was so much bigger than the one in our area. It even had two levels and a giant map! We went to Izzo's for lunch which was the closest thing that they have to a Chipotle in the mall. Except I liked it better because they had nachos. Yumm.

Then after shopping in the "giant" mall and seeing all the big sized stores again (c'mon I used to live next to the Mall of America- never realized how spoiled we were), we explored the town a little. We went to a few home good stores, a goodwill to keep the husband happy and then ended up at an outdoor shopping center. They had a few good stores that we popped into. But the best part was the cute street complete with palm trees. We had to jump into the street to take a quick pic.

Then after a full day of shopping we decided to go to dinner. Since it was my pick I of course chose an Italian Restaurant.

The food was pretty good. I got none other than fettuccine alfredo and since I order it all the time I know my alfredo. It was a little thicker than normal, but not too bad. Richard ordered crawfish fettuccine since we did go further south. 

And for dessert they brought us out cotton candy. Richard was so excited to have cotton candy. He kept saying over and over again how he felt like a kid again. Ha love him.

Then our waitress surprised me with a little birthday treat including a candle. And I made a wish, but of course I cannot share.

Then we headed home while playing my favorite car game where we guess the song and artist playing on the radio. Richard actually did good this time. But I won like usual. :)

Then on Saturday we went out with some friends for more celebration.

The people in the photo from left to right are Jason, Obi, Nate, Evan, Claire, Will, Dave, Me and then Richard in the second photo. We needed two to get everyone.

We had a lot of fun and ended up taking a lot of crazy pictures. Ha. Overall it was a great celebration weekend!

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