Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Update | St. Patrick's Day

Happy Monday! It is time for the weekend update. And I apologize in advance because lately I really suck at taking pictures. So sorry.

After work I headed over to Richard's school so that we could go to the college baseball game. On my way there I ended up sitting in a huge traffic jam due to an accident. At one point I even sat in one spot without moving for a good 20 minutes. Not fun. But I ended up making it to the game. We lost the first game of the series. After the game we went out for food and to hangout for a bit. It was pretty fun.

While Richard went golfing with some people in his program, I hung out with one of the guy's fiance. Then we met up with them for lunch and headed out to the second game of the baseball series. This time the team won. Then after hanging out and eating dinner, we headed out to a local bar to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. But the bars in this college town have to close up at midnight- lame. So we went to someone's house after the bar. We had a great time!

Sunday was a pretty lazy day-for me at least. I took and nap and did some minor cleaning and then did a whole lot of laundry. But I was too tired to do to much. We didn't even go grocery shopping which is something we do every Sunday. Neither of us felt like going and Richard studied his little heart out since we were so busy the rest of the weekend. 

Well next weekend I will take more pictures. It really hard to explain my weekend without them. Linking up with Sami's Shenanigans today. 

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