Monday, March 11, 2013

Shreveport here we come!

Well this past weekend was amazing! So here it goes time for the weekend update!

On Saturday, we decided to take a day trip to the closest "big" city around us- Shreveport. Now when I say "big" its bigger than where we live currently, about 5 times bigger, however, compared to the Minneapolis area- it is nowhere near big. Regardless, there is a lot more shopping and things to do in Shreveport and it is an hour and a half drive so we had to make it a day trip. Our day started out by bribing our puppy with some peanut butter since we were going to be gone for so long.

Then we started our journey. The day started out a little rough-some arguments (seems to happen more in the cars than anywhere else), but after we got some food we were happy and full so things got better. We went to the outlet mall that they had there and it was awesome. We both found some great stuff and we had a lot of fun walking around and talking. Seriously. It has been a while since we were both able to relax and just enjoy ourselves. It was like a mini vacation.

And since the outlet malls were outdoors and along the river we had to take a picture by the river. It was so cute and fun to walk along the little path they had along the river.

Then after shopping the outlet malls, I wanted to go check out Charming Charlie which is an accessory store. When we were done, we saw this cute little cupcake shop so we had to stop and try one.  

Richard ate the cupcake and I ordered the Izze soda. Izze soda is amazing and it doesn't have all the bad stuff that regular soda has so its not as bad for you. It is basically sparkling juice. Amazing.

Then after a long day of shopping, we headed out to a local Italian restaurant. We try Italian restaurants pretty much everywhere we go. It is definitely my fault and my husband is always so great about it. Love him.

The food was great and the atmosphere was perfect. Exactly what you would expect from an Italian restaurant. And my meal tasted remarkably like my mom's linguine and clam sauce recipe which was an added bonus.

Then we headed home, letting our food settle before heading out for dessert. Once we back to where we live, we went out to a new frozen yogurt shop that just opened a few weeks ago. I heard it was pretty good from a coworker so we had to try it. It was different than most places and we weren't expecting it. First you grab a cup and choose from a wall of ice cream flavors that you dispense yourself. 

Then you head over to the toppings bar. There was every kind of topping you could think of so the selection was great! We got all the way through selecting our options only to realize that you have to pay by weight of the ice cream. oops! We thought you paid by the cup, so Richard had loaded his up to the brim with all different kinds of ice cream and toppings. Oh well, we know for next time.

Richard got a bunch of different ice cream flavors and topping. As you can see in the picture below, he even got gummy bears to put on top. Oh boy.

I went a little more traditional and got cake batter ice cream with snickers as a topping. But overall we both really enjoyed our creation and we will definitely be heading back there!

This adventure was a lot of fun and we will definitely have to try it again. I was also able to cross a few things off my 101 in 1001 Days- visiting a new city in Louisiana and also it counts as our monthly date. 

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