Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Friday I am very excited that you are here and I am ready to have a good day today! Dear New Colored Jeans I love you. You are so bright and colorful, thanks for making me look good. Dear Paisley Puppy thanks for joining in on my dance party last night. Otherwise I would have looked like a fool dancing by myself :). Dear Weekend you are full of baseball games, organizing, cleaning and relaxing. I am excited you are almost here. Dear Family and Friends in Minnesota 4 weeks from today I will be making my way to visit you! Ahhhh too long! Dear Louisiana Weather I am not quite sure how I feel about you. While I don't mind the 60 and 70 degree temps it only makes me more nervous about the heat wave that will be coming during the summer. I don't know how well I will handle extreme heat. Dear Blast From the Past you came full force last night when two song sparked scenes in the movies Man of the House and It Takes Two. It weird to think that both these movies came out when I was 5. But boy do I remember these movies. There was even a scene in the It takes Two movie that my sister and I used to act out. Yepp we were that cool. Makes me want to watch them again.

Have a great weekend!


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