Monday, March 4, 2013


Since we are currently Louisiana residents, eating crawfish when it is in season is a definite must! Now I am not a big seafood eater. And every time I tell that to people down here they say that its not seafood technically its ditch food. And that fact makes it so much more appetizing. Anywho, since I am not a fan of fish, this trip was more for Richard. We went with a couple, Evan and Claire. Evan is in the same program as Richard and Claire amazingly eats the same foods I do. It is crazy weird, I have never met anyone who likes the same exact foods. It makes going out to eat with them so much better cause they understand. 

So the boys started off with some oysters.

Then they moved on to crawfish. The crawfish is seasoned with some sort of spicy seasoning. Who knows, all I know is that the boys were struggling because it was spicy. And as part of my 101 in 1001, I have to try 5 new foods. So I tried some crawfish- I wold told by my coworker that I had to. I made Richard pull the meat out for me because you have to crack open the crawfish and pull out the meat and I refused to touch it. My overall reaction- the texture was gross (typical seafood), but all the seasoning drowned out the fishy taste. So it wasn't bad, but I would never eat it myself. 

Evan and Richard really enjoyed their crawfish.

Oh and I forgot about Flat Stanley. Richard's little brother, who is 8, sent us Flat Stanley in the mail! For those who don't know, Flat Stanley is a character in a book who accidentally gets flattened and then travels the world through the mail. So we brought Flat Stanley with us to try some crawfish. He enjoyed it! 

And since Claire and I don't eat seafood, we ordered the only thing on the menu that wasn't fishy- a kid's order of grilled cheese. Yep we are just that cool. I also had a small corn on the cob with my dinner since they cook it in the same seasoning that way I still got to experience the taste of the seasoning.

And overall rating- the grilled cheese was amazing!

Flat Stanley with all the eaten crawfish. It took the boys a few hours to finish all their crawfish, Richard ordered four pounds of crawfish. Apparently that is the norm. But since you have to individually break up each one it takes a lot of time! 

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