Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bathroom- Organized

I am currently participating in an organization challenge through iHeart Organizing. This month's challenge was Linen and the Loo. In our house, we do not have a designated linen closet. Our sheets were mostly just stuffed where they would fit. So I decided to clear out the cabinet in our bathroom to make room for our linen. And then I had to find a new spot for everything that used to be stored in that cabinet.

The process was pretty messy as seen in the pictures above.

This is the cabinet that I emptied. It now hold out extra pillows, sheets and blankets. Also, on the top shelf we have our extra toilet paper and paper towels. 

This is the lower part of the cabinet. It used to hold our extra paper products and old picture frames. I kept the frames there and then moved my jewelry down there since it was the only place left that they would fit.

This is the cabinet under the sink. On the left we have all of our towels in a crate to keep them off the bottom of the cabinet. On the right, I put the wire container to make it easier to pull it out and create a sort of drawer. In the wire container we have our cleaning supplies and a few other items that were too big to fit anywhere else.

This is one of the drawers next to the sink. Before it held all of our first aid supplies, but I removed those and put my not-used-very-often hair tools in the drawer instead.

This is the drawer on the other side of the sink. It hold all of our toothbrushes and toothpaste. I just removed anything that was randomly place in there and added our extra tubes of toothpaste that were previously in a different drawer.

This is another drawer in our bathroom. Before, we were not using it for much of anything. So I added a few baskets and and put some items that were free floating before into the organized baskets.

This drawer was pretty much a bunch of junk. I moved the toothpaste and the other items since they didn't belong in the bathroom. Then, I put my headband and other products into the drawer.

Now in case you were wondering (and I know you were) everything that we had pulled out of the cabinets and the drawers was put into this clear back of the door organizer to make room for the linen. By using an organizer with clear pockets I could see everything in the pockets. So this handy organizer holds all of my hair products, our sunscreen, nail polish, lotion, first aid supplies and Richard's extra hair stuff. This door leads into the shower and toilet part of the bathroom and we usually have it open so you cannot see the organizer at all. It was a nice way to add extra storage for not a whole lot of money. And it is also not so bad to look at. 

We have had our bathroom like this for about three weeks and so far I love it! My husband used to get annoyed with me if I didn't put my hair stuff back when I was done. Now I usually do because it is so much easier to access than before. And by putting the linen in the bathroom, I was able to free up space in the closet so we could store something else there. Gotta love organizing that makes life easier!

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