Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Freeze Warning I find you very strange and a little funny, considering I am from Minnesota. Who knew that the temperature falling below freezing is considered severe weather in the south. Dear Flat Michael We had to send you back to the elementary classroom today along with pictures and a letter. We had some fun though! Dear Baton Rouge I am so excited to visit you today! I cannot wait to do all kinds of shopping and exploring! Too bad we have to drive 4 hours to visit you. Dear Husband thanks for planning this trip and making it work! I am glad that you were able to find something fun and different to do for my birthday. Dear Three Day Weekend You are going to be very full of birthday celebrations and Easter activities. Hopefully our first ever hosted Easter will be fun! Dear Minnesota two more weeks till I come to visit you! And please warm up just a little bit so that I can take my nephew's 6 month pics outside.

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bathroom- Organized

I am currently participating in an organization challenge through iHeart Organizing. This month's challenge was Linen and the Loo. In our house, we do not have a designated linen closet. Our sheets were mostly just stuffed where they would fit. So I decided to clear out the cabinet in our bathroom to make room for our linen. And then I had to find a new spot for everything that used to be stored in that cabinet.

The process was pretty messy as seen in the pictures above.

This is the cabinet that I emptied. It now hold out extra pillows, sheets and blankets. Also, on the top shelf we have our extra toilet paper and paper towels. 

This is the lower part of the cabinet. It used to hold our extra paper products and old picture frames. I kept the frames there and then moved my jewelry down there since it was the only place left that they would fit.

This is the cabinet under the sink. On the left we have all of our towels in a crate to keep them off the bottom of the cabinet. On the right, I put the wire container to make it easier to pull it out and create a sort of drawer. In the wire container we have our cleaning supplies and a few other items that were too big to fit anywhere else.

This is one of the drawers next to the sink. Before it held all of our first aid supplies, but I removed those and put my not-used-very-often hair tools in the drawer instead.

This is the drawer on the other side of the sink. It hold all of our toothbrushes and toothpaste. I just removed anything that was randomly place in there and added our extra tubes of toothpaste that were previously in a different drawer.

This is another drawer in our bathroom. Before, we were not using it for much of anything. So I added a few baskets and and put some items that were free floating before into the organized baskets.

This drawer was pretty much a bunch of junk. I moved the toothpaste and the other items since they didn't belong in the bathroom. Then, I put my headband and other products into the drawer.

Now in case you were wondering (and I know you were) everything that we had pulled out of the cabinets and the drawers was put into this clear back of the door organizer to make room for the linen. By using an organizer with clear pockets I could see everything in the pockets. So this handy organizer holds all of my hair products, our sunscreen, nail polish, lotion, first aid supplies and Richard's extra hair stuff. This door leads into the shower and toilet part of the bathroom and we usually have it open so you cannot see the organizer at all. It was a nice way to add extra storage for not a whole lot of money. And it is also not so bad to look at. 

We have had our bathroom like this for about three weeks and so far I love it! My husband used to get annoyed with me if I didn't put my hair stuff back when I was done. Now I usually do because it is so much easier to access than before. And by putting the linen in the bathroom, I was able to free up space in the closet so we could store something else there. Gotta love organizing that makes life easier!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Update | Organizing Clothes

This weekend was not an exciting one, but it was very productive!

Richard and I went to dinner at Olive Garden. I got my usual order of soup and Fettuccine Alfredo. But I couldn't finish my meal, it was too much food for me. I think I only ate two bites of my Fettuccine. Gasp! I am hoping that this means that my new eating habits are starting to pay off. Next time I go it is soup only for me! Then we went to the local mall to find me some clothes. But I found nothing. I need a new mall cause the one down here is no good. And the next closest mall in an hour and a half away. Boo. I guess we will be making another trip there soon.

Since Richard had a lot of school work to do, I did a lot of cleaning around the house. We are having people over for Easter next weekend so I wanted to prepare for that. I cleaned the main level of our house, the office and I even organized our storage closet so that we could shut the door again. Then we went to Hobby Lobby to get a box for our coffee table to hide our remotes and other things that sit on the coffee table. Then we ate dinner while watching Dr. Seuss's The Lorax (another item on my 101 in 1001 Days). Then after the movie I got the urge to clean some more so I decided to go through my old clothes. I cleaned out our "dresser" to make room for my sweatshirts in one of the cubes.


More cleaning! I went through the rest of my clothes and ended up getting rid of 100 items! Wowza I am so proud of myself. It is amazing to think that we moved all of our stuff across the country and I brought with me a bunch of clothes that I didn't need anymore. I think I was in denial about moving so we didn't start packing as early as we should have. So here it is a giant box full of clothes to get rid of! Yay for spring cleaning.

Linking up with Sami.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Paisley Puppy you were a good companion on our walk the other day. And I know how much you hate posing for pictures but thanks for letting me get a few. Dear New Scrapbook Page I spent a lot of time on you last night and I think you look pretty beautiful. It was fun creating you while the husband studied. Dear Husband thanks for putting up with me last night. Paisley made me giggle a lot and I don't think you liked that very much, but you didn't show it. Dear Upcoming Birthday I think this is the first year that I am not looking forward to you. When you fall so close to Easter its hard to find time to celebrate. Dear Minnesota three more weeks! I can already imagine all the amazing food I will be eating that I can't find in these parts. Dear Weekend I am ready for you thanks for showing up.

P.S. Look at this face. This is her I-know-I-am-not-supposed-to-be-sitting-here-but-I-hope-you-wont-notice face. I may or may not have laughed hysterically for about 5 minutes after taking this picture. (please ignore the mess behind the puppy and focus your attention on the cutie puppy)

Have a good weekend!


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

More Health Concious

Being more healthy has been on my mind a lot lately. I want my future family to be healthy and I used to always tell myself that I would start when we have kids, but I am realizing that I should probably start before that happens. So here I am trying to be more health conscious. So here are a few things that we have started doing at our house:
  1. We cook homemade meals. Every time we can. Though our meals are not the healthiest, but we are working on that. Which leads me to the next point.
  2. We recently purchased a Groupon for a meal planning website called eMeals. This website provides us with recipes and a grocery list for 7 meals a week. We chose the low fat meal option so that the recipes will be healthier. We are not going to follow this meal plan exactly but we hope to chose meals from the provided list when we need them. We do not need 7 meals a week because Richard has night classes and we tend to hang out with people on the weekends which means we eat out with them (we both know this is probably not healthy, but we struggle with wanting to be social, but also wanting to be healthy). Also, I am a normal very picky eater so finding food that I will eat is difficult. I am trying to be better about eating different meals in the name of being healthy.
  3. We also don't buy a whole lot of junk food. It is so much easier to keep away from the junk if it is not in the house. We are not perfect about this, but we are trying.
  4. I pack a lunch for work everyday. Before I decided to be healthy, I was very lazy about my meal choices. I would grab a hot pocket and a soda for lunch everyday. I had tried giving up soda previously, but then I bought it so that I could drink it when I was having a very tired day. But the convenience of just grabbing a soda was so much better than pouring myself something else to drink. So I decided that I am not going to buy soda anymore that way I have no temptation to drink it. I also now pack sandwiches and tons of fruit for my meals. I think I eat 3 pieces of fruit throughout my work day now.  Also, I switched to only drinking water throughout my work day. I drink about 40-60 ounces of water a day. 
  5. I have tried to exercise more. I have been working out about twice a week, but some weeks its less. I would like to workout more and maybe find ways to switch up what I am doing for workouts. Right now I do a few of my favorite workout from P90X and I love them. I think they are a great workout and I usually end up sweating a lot. However, I get bored of them quickly so adding a few more fun workouts would be ideal. I would like exercise to become part of my routine so it doesn't feel like such a drag all the time.
  6. I use the My Fitness Pal app. You can enter your food in to this program and it calculates all the nutrition fact for you. I like this because it helps me see things that I can cut that are not as good of a choice. It is also nice because you don't realize how many calories you intake until you write them all out. I am not super strict with this app or do I count my calories all the time it is just nice to use to see how far off from your goal you are.

A few thing we still need to work on:
  1. We eat out way too much. I already mentioned this, but we find it really hard to choose not to go out to dinner with people. Or we hangout with people and it overlaps a meal time and since we are not at home we end up eating out. It is incredibly unhealthy to eat at pretty much any restaurant. Go look at some of the nutrition facts for some restaurants, like Applebees for example. It is gross. But at the same time we are in a new place wanting to make friends so we usually end up going out. 
  2. Another thing I need to work on is eating less food during a meal. I need to eat until I am full and no more. When I eat something I like I usually eat too much because it is so good. Eating until I am full will help me stay healthy.
  3. I would also like to be all around more active. At work I sit still for 9 hours a day- hardly move at all. And then when I come home I watch TV. Bad. I would like to take more walks, sit on the couch less and do other things to keep active. Also, I would like to do more exercises with my husband so that it is a group effort.
  4. Not sure if this is really something I need to work on, but its still something. I don't own a scale and I have no desire to buy one. If I feel healthy and look healthy and fit into my old jeans again that is good enough for me. No matter what my actual weight may be. 

Anyway that is my brain dump. Hopefully now that I put this into words it will help me to follow through with this whole healthy lifestyle thing. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Update | St. Patrick's Day

Happy Monday! It is time for the weekend update. And I apologize in advance because lately I really suck at taking pictures. So sorry.

After work I headed over to Richard's school so that we could go to the college baseball game. On my way there I ended up sitting in a huge traffic jam due to an accident. At one point I even sat in one spot without moving for a good 20 minutes. Not fun. But I ended up making it to the game. We lost the first game of the series. After the game we went out for food and to hangout for a bit. It was pretty fun.

While Richard went golfing with some people in his program, I hung out with one of the guy's fiance. Then we met up with them for lunch and headed out to the second game of the baseball series. This time the team won. Then after hanging out and eating dinner, we headed out to a local bar to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. But the bars in this college town have to close up at midnight- lame. So we went to someone's house after the bar. We had a great time!

Sunday was a pretty lazy day-for me at least. I took and nap and did some minor cleaning and then did a whole lot of laundry. But I was too tired to do to much. We didn't even go grocery shopping which is something we do every Sunday. Neither of us felt like going and Richard studied his little heart out since we were so busy the rest of the weekend. 

Well next weekend I will take more pictures. It really hard to explain my weekend without them. Linking up with Sami's Shenanigans today. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Friday I am very excited that you are here and I am ready to have a good day today! Dear New Colored Jeans I love you. You are so bright and colorful, thanks for making me look good. Dear Paisley Puppy thanks for joining in on my dance party last night. Otherwise I would have looked like a fool dancing by myself :). Dear Weekend you are full of baseball games, organizing, cleaning and relaxing. I am excited you are almost here. Dear Family and Friends in Minnesota 4 weeks from today I will be making my way to visit you! Ahhhh too long! Dear Louisiana Weather I am not quite sure how I feel about you. While I don't mind the 60 and 70 degree temps it only makes me more nervous about the heat wave that will be coming during the summer. I don't know how well I will handle extreme heat. Dear Blast From the Past you came full force last night when two song sparked scenes in the movies Man of the House and It Takes Two. It weird to think that both these movies came out when I was 5. But boy do I remember these movies. There was even a scene in the It takes Two movie that my sister and I used to act out. Yepp we were that cool. Makes me want to watch them again.

Have a great weekend!


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

101 in 1001 Update

I have been finishing random tasks as part of my 101 in 1001 days so I feel like an update is due.

  • Watch all of the Big Bang Theory: Done and Done! I am excited about this one because when we first started watching these I was not interested. I am not a big fan of this show, but since I bought Richard all 5 seasons on DVD for Christmas I promised to watch them with him. The show did grow on me a little and I started not to mind it as much, but I still don't love the show. So I am glad we are done with the first 5 season. I am sure that we will end up watching the current season once it come out on DVD, but I am done with what I originally meant when I wrote my list.

  • Watch 26 movies, each one starting with a different letter of the alphabet: We watched another movie this past weekend- Cinderella Man. Great Movie. Apparently Richard had never seen this movie, so when I put it on he got hooked. He started out working on something for school, but he put it away to watch with me. Win.

  • Read 10 books. I just finished reading a book called True Colors. This book was really good. I would recommend it. It keeps you interested throughout the whole book, which is my favorite kind of book. 

  • Watch a Documentary. I recently watched No Impact Man. This was a documentary about living Green and living without making an impact on the earth. It was an interesting documentary, but I thought it was going to be different. I was expecting it to be about how to go green and what to do, but it was more about this family's journey of going green. They didn't give a whole lot of details. The documentary was interesting, but I probably wouldn't recommend it.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Shreveport here we come!

Well this past weekend was amazing! So here it goes time for the weekend update!

On Saturday, we decided to take a day trip to the closest "big" city around us- Shreveport. Now when I say "big" its bigger than where we live currently, about 5 times bigger, however, compared to the Minneapolis area- it is nowhere near big. Regardless, there is a lot more shopping and things to do in Shreveport and it is an hour and a half drive so we had to make it a day trip. Our day started out by bribing our puppy with some peanut butter since we were going to be gone for so long.

Then we started our journey. The day started out a little rough-some arguments (seems to happen more in the cars than anywhere else), but after we got some food we were happy and full so things got better. We went to the outlet mall that they had there and it was awesome. We both found some great stuff and we had a lot of fun walking around and talking. Seriously. It has been a while since we were both able to relax and just enjoy ourselves. It was like a mini vacation.

And since the outlet malls were outdoors and along the river we had to take a picture by the river. It was so cute and fun to walk along the little path they had along the river.

Then after shopping the outlet malls, I wanted to go check out Charming Charlie which is an accessory store. When we were done, we saw this cute little cupcake shop so we had to stop and try one.  

Richard ate the cupcake and I ordered the Izze soda. Izze soda is amazing and it doesn't have all the bad stuff that regular soda has so its not as bad for you. It is basically sparkling juice. Amazing.

Then after a long day of shopping, we headed out to a local Italian restaurant. We try Italian restaurants pretty much everywhere we go. It is definitely my fault and my husband is always so great about it. Love him.

The food was great and the atmosphere was perfect. Exactly what you would expect from an Italian restaurant. And my meal tasted remarkably like my mom's linguine and clam sauce recipe which was an added bonus.

Then we headed home, letting our food settle before heading out for dessert. Once we back to where we live, we went out to a new frozen yogurt shop that just opened a few weeks ago. I heard it was pretty good from a coworker so we had to try it. It was different than most places and we weren't expecting it. First you grab a cup and choose from a wall of ice cream flavors that you dispense yourself. 

Then you head over to the toppings bar. There was every kind of topping you could think of so the selection was great! We got all the way through selecting our options only to realize that you have to pay by weight of the ice cream. oops! We thought you paid by the cup, so Richard had loaded his up to the brim with all different kinds of ice cream and toppings. Oh well, we know for next time.

Richard got a bunch of different ice cream flavors and topping. As you can see in the picture below, he even got gummy bears to put on top. Oh boy.

I went a little more traditional and got cake batter ice cream with snickers as a topping. But overall we both really enjoyed our creation and we will definitely be heading back there!

This adventure was a lot of fun and we will definitely have to try it again. I was also able to cross a few things off my 101 in 1001 Days- visiting a new city in Louisiana and also it counts as our monthly date. 

Linking up with Sami's Shenanigans.

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