Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Update | Baby Dedication

After a long week at work, My husband and I went out to dinner with his classmates and a couple of his professors. He actually hangs out with his professors regularly, they like being a close knit group. We went to a place that is unique to the city his school is located. I ordered nachos and my husband ordered a peanut butter burger. They must be good cause 75% of our table ordered one- I would have no idea cause I don't like burgers. I know its crazy and un-American, but its true.

Since Richard has Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off of school for Mardi Gras break (crazy right? they don't have that in the north!), so he told me he didn't want to study that day. Score! So I took advantage of that situation and we went shopping! I wanted to organize the kitchen(more on the later) so I needed supplies. We went to Tractor Supply Co., Dollar Tree, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, and another Dollar Tree- couldn't find what I wanted at the first one. Oh, and I watched my nephew get dedicated from 1,000 miles away while wondering the Dollar Tree. Gotta love technology and live streaming! Overall successful trip.  Then we came home and organized! I will share pictures of that later when its complete. Then we ordered a pizza for dinner and watched the Bucket List- part of my 101 in 1001 days

 My sister and her husband are the ones on the right in the top left picture and the second couple from the left in the bottom left picture.

We woke up to thunderstorms happening outside our window, it makes it really hard to sleep in when theres thunder at 8 o'clock in the morning. I experimented with my new coffee that I am going to drink- I hate coffee and I used to drink hot chocolate with caffeine every morning, but they discontinued it a couple years ago and my stock just ran out, ugh. Then once I finally got motivated to clean. Then to finish off my Sunday night, my husband and I watched the Grammys. Favorite Moment- my husband and I were talking about Kelly Clarkson and he goes and looks at old pictures of her and then goes, "She was on American Idol?" and I gave him a look of confusion and told him that yes she was the very first winner of American Idol. Haha. I love how little he knows of pop culture.

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