Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend Update | Celebrating Mardi Gras

Happy Monday! It's time again for the weekend update linkup!

My husband and I had a pretty chill Friday. We usually try to keep them low key because we are usually so exhausted from the week. So my husband decided that he wanted eggs for dinner so he made himself some eggs. I on the other hand am not a big fan of breakfast foods so I made my self a frozen pizza. Then we settled in and watched Psych on Netflix. Such a great show!

Saturdays are always my big cleaning day. So this weekends task was to clean the living room and kitchen. Complete. And then since we live in Louisiana now and Mardi Gras is approaching we decided to join in the festivities that were being held around town. So with a couple people from Richard's school, we headed out to the Mardi Gras parade. The parade was at night so the floats were lit up and (since it's a Mardi Gras tradition) they threw bead necklaces into the crowd. I ended up with quite a few beads because everyone in our group gave their beads to me. Then afterwards, we headed to a local Mexican restaurant to celebrate the night.

Super Bowl Game Day. Every month our group of friends from Richard's school get together and have a dinner party. So this month it happened to fall along with the Super Bowl. One of the guys, Dave and my husband Richard decided that they were going to deep fry some food for the party. They were both so excited about it- its a boy thing I guess. They started with bacon, then moved to chicken wings, then they deep fried a hamburger, then they deep fried the chicken again. They spent the first half of the Super Bowl deep frying. We were watching the super bowl and of course the stadium lights went out. And since half the people in the room were from Louisiana, they were all embarrassed for New Orleans. Oh well, it happens.

Overall it was a great weekend. I am determined to keep finding new adventures for my husband and I to participate in! Makes life more interesting. :)

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