Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

In our house, we don't really celebrate Valentine's Day. We are very cheap and I find it ridiculous that prices quadruple for flowers and other typical Valentine's day treats. We don't need a day to remember that we love each other. We celebrate that every day! Well, anyway, the extent of our celebrations was an impromptu dinner date that we had on Tuesday. Richard texted me on my way home from work and said we should go try out a new Italian restaurant in town instead of cooking dinner. He knows me too well. I can't say no to an Italian restaurant. So we went to this tiny little restaurant that was tucked away in a corner of the town we had never visited before. 

Doesn't it look like a picture you would see of a restaurant in Italy or something? It was really cute and had a great atmosphere in this tiny little restaurant. At first glance, there was not fettuccine alfredo on the menu. Not Happy. But, Richard swooped in and saved the day and asked the waitress if we could order it even though it was not on the menu. And we could. Problem solved! And so we ate. The food was sort of bland and wasn't the best we had tasted- and believe me we have been to LOTS of Italian restaurants. It's like all I eat-pasta that is. So our overall rating was that the atmosphere was great, food was not and we will probably never go there again. But its always fun to try new restaurants! And our dinner date was a success.

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  1. so cute!!! i love adventuring out to new places . i am with you with celebrating vday. its not worth it when you can celebrating loving eachother every day of the year!


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