Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Our first year together

I wanted to continue writing about how Richard and I came to be. So these pictures are a summary of our first year together. 

September 17th, 2007 to September 17th, 2008
Left. We celebrated Richards 18th and Golden birthday in November
Right. Many weekends watching Richards wrestle for the first few months together

Top Left. Sleeping while returning from a wrestling tournament
Top right. Random Pic. We look so young.
Bottom Left. Hooters for Richard's Senior Prom...yep that happened
Bottom Right. Going to my Senior Prom

Left. Celebrating my 18th birthday in April.
Top Right. Richard's high school graduation
Bottom Right. My high school graduation

For these pics we went to New York City, Boston and Cape Cod after graduation. I have family out there that we visited.
Top Left. New York City Skyline
Bottom Left. Visiting the beach in Cape Cod
Right. Exploring New York State. I believe we were at the Roosevelt Mansion here

Top Left. We went mini golfing and I won- I may have cheated a little. This is one of my favorite memories with Richard. I just remember laughing a lot and I think at one point I jumped in the fake river to retrieve Richards golf ball.
Middle Left. Celebrating at our favorite spot- Willow River before we started college.
Bottom Left. Minnesota State Fair and Brad Paisley concert. Ever since we have made a tradition to go every year.
Right. Our one year anniversary picnic.

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  1. So great you have these wonderful photos to reminisce on!!


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