Thursday, February 21, 2013

Letter Project

I wanted to make something for our front door that wasn't exactly seasonal, but something that could be if I wanted it to be. So I decided to make a letter to hang on the door and I figured I could add extra decor to it if I felt like it for each changing season. 

Materials Used:
  • A wooden letter- purchased from Hobby Lobby (C is for the first letter of our last name)
  • Twine- purchased from Michael's
  • Hot glue gun- purchased from Hobby Lobby
  • Fabric- purchased remnants from various places
  • Burlap- purchased from Hobby Lobby
(Hobby Lobby is like 2 feet from my house can you tell?)

Step One:
Wrap twine around the letter. I used hot glue through the whole project. Every piece of twine was hot glued down. Around the curves of the C it took a little overlapping to make it look right. This step took some time.

Step Two:
Cut the a rectangular sized piece of burlap to wrap around the C to use to hang it. I then hot glued the burlap to make a cylinder so that I could hang the letter.

Step Three:
Cut a small piece of twine to wrap through the burlap and onto the wreath hanger. This way the burlap didn't have to twist and would lay flat. 

Step Four:
Add fabric flowers to the letter. I made four fabric flowers, three of them I glued together to make an arrangement to go towards the bottom of the letter and one of them to hang on the burlap. I also added a safety pin to the flowers so that I did not have to glue them on to the letter. This way if I want to change them out I wont ruin my letter.

Step Five:
Hang on door and admire how beautiful your project turned out!

p.s. We have little stickies on our door to tell our delivery people to bring our packages to the apartment office. That would be my husband's doing.

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  1. Cute stuff! Great job. Stopping by from SPD linkup.



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