Thursday, February 28, 2013

Monthly Review- February 2013

Since its the end of the month it is time for my monthly review!

February 2
We went with some friends to watch the Mardi Gras Parade and went out for some Mexican food.

February 3
Superbowl! We had our monthly family dinner while watching the Superbowl. Richard and Dave deep-fried some chicken and had way too much fun doing it.

February 9
I watched my nephew get baptized from 1000 miles away while shopping at the Dollar Store.

February 12
We celebrated Valentine's Day by trying a new Italian restaurant.

February 16 
I had a craft day where I made a Letter Door Hanger.

We also had a date night where we checked out our local movie theater.

February 22 
Richard's dad celebrated his 50th birthday!

February 23 
I had a whole kitchen reorg finished and ready to be shown off.

February 27
We received flat Stanley or in this case flat Michael from Richard's little brother in the mail! We also went out for crawfish, but since it was only last night I will blog about it soon!

Goals Review:
Be More Active
Some weeks I am great at this others I stink. This week was great and I worked out 2 times and hopefully will tonight. But early in the month was not so great. I am still working toward this goal.
Be More Organized
This week has also been great in this category! But I still have alot of work to do!
Watch less TV, Spend More Time Doing My Hobbies
I suck at this one! Definitely need to work better at this!
Build My Relationship with My Husband
For the past two months we have had a monthly date night which is amazing! I am hoping to continue to spend more time with my husband.
Have Fun!
Of course this one has been met! I can't help it :)

you can find my list of goals here!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Kitchen- organized!

As part of my 101 in 1001 Days, I wanted to follow an organization challenge. Well I chose iHeart Organizing's challenge and this month it is Kitchen Organization. So I have been hard at work all month getting the kitchen together. My husband and I set out one day to run a bunch of errands and gathered up supplies for our task. So here is the reveal!

First came the pantry. In our apartment there was this giant cupboard without in shelving so a while back we bought this wire shelf. It doesn't exactly fit the space, but we make it work. We bought the baskets from the dollar store which makes things look a lot better.

Then I made a pantry inventory list that I found at Organized Home. Not sure if I like it yet but we will see as the weeks come. And do you see the cute little labels?

I used cardboard from a Special K bar box, vinyl and a clothespin. I cut the cardboard to 2" by 3" and took the backing off the vinyl (it is kinda like a sticker) and applied to the cardboard. Then I hot glued a clothes pin to the back. Then I wrote on them with a chalkboard marker. And supposedly it will wash off with water- I haven't tested it yet.

This is the cupboard above the pantry just shown. We are using it to keeping our extra K-cups (top left), extra paper products (top right), extra spices (bottom left) and baking supplies (bottom right). This is all stuff we don't use as often all together. 

Here is our spice cabinet. Before it would make me so mad because I couldn't find what I was looking for when I needed it. We bought the spice rack at Bed, Bath and Beyond. It was a little pricey, but totally worth my sanity. It came pre-filled with spices which we weren't expecting. We ended up emptying some of the containers for our own spices that we use and already had. And a special thanks to my husband because this cupboard was his little project! Also, we are keeping my husband's k-cups in a basket on the bottom shelf, since the cabinet is right above the coffee machine.


This space was not exactly unorganized to start it just wasn't being used. So we created a "beverage station" this has tea, hot chocolate and a few other random beverage items all in one basket. And on the left side, we store all of our cookbooks.

For this space, we mostly just reorganized and took a few thing out (the hand mixer and the silver circle in the left picture is a tea pot). We switched the food processor and the crockpot to the opposite shelves. We use the crockpot usually twice a week and before it was not easy to pull in and out of the cupboard, so we moved to the top shelf. The basket on the bottom shelf is where we keep our onions and garlic. 

I didn't reorganize these two cupboards because they were already in pretty good shape. I just had to share my beautiful, colorful dishes. The pots and pans don't look super organized but it's working so I didn't want to change it

After rearranging a few glasses and adding our small blender (sort of like a magic bullet) this cupboard was finished.

Before organizing, this cabinet was just a bunch of coffee cups and water bottles. I decided to squish all the the cups together to make room for our giant plastic bowls that could no longer go in their previous spot. 

Before, this cabinet was basically a bunch of junk. Things that needed to go somewhere. I changed this cabinet over to "rarely used" items- on the right side. And on the left I put all of our pitchers that didn't have a "spot" before.

This cupboard was simply a mess. I tried to make it work, but I needed something more. So we purchased a wire rack from Bed, Bath and Beyond to hold our bakeware. This rack makes it sooo much easier to pull things in and out of this cabinet.

This is the drawer underneath our oven. Before we had a bunch of bakeware and all of our lids for our pots. I pulled out the "rarely used" items and a few baking items to create more room. Then I put the ceramic dish in the drawer. We use this dish all the time and previously, it was stored on top of our cupboards and I had to pull out my stool and climb on the counter to get it down. Annoying. p.s I am really short, less than 5 feet, so we bought a collapsible stool a while back for me to use to reach high cabinets. Gotta love being short.

The two drawers pictured above hold most of our utensils. The first drawer has the items we use more often and the second drawer has items used rarely. 

The rest of our utensils are stored on the counter in the canister pictured on the right.

We also keep all of our knives in the wood block and the white canisters hold flour, sugar and coffee.

I also created a freezer inventory sheet and cleaned out the fridge. I forgot to take a before pic of the fridge so just imagine it all messy. And we have hardly anything in our fridge because it was right before a grocery trip so we were pretty much out of food. I added a basket on the bottom shelf for all of our cheese. Let's face it, we love cheese. And it used to take up the entire drawer on the bottom right. I decided to pull it out so that we can store produce in that drawer since that's what it is intended for.

Monday, February 25, 2013

6 Months

Well today officially marks 6 month of living in Louisiana. I can't believe its already been 6 months! Wow time flies. I can't help but think back to the crazy trip and first few days spent here. Our trip here was a little stressful and chaotic. And once we arrived here we helped the movers unload and slowly pieced our house back together. And since it was August when we arrived it was HOT and so after moving all our stuff a refreshing shower was what we needed. However, we couldn't find towels or a shower curtain that first day so we had to make due without. It was interesting. Then only three days after being here we were threatened with Hurricane Isaac that ended up being just a lot of rain (we are too far north). But we had no internet or TV set up so we couldn't even follow the progress. Also through the mix, I had to apply for jobs and go on interviews. Let's just say it was a mess.

So in a Recap....

Things I Miss Most
  • Obviously, the number one thing on my list is friends and family! Most of my family used to love with an hour of our old house, so being a 17 hour drive now can be hard. Also, my nephew was born two months after I moved so that has been hard as well.
Top Left: Me and my sisters, my dad, my nephew and my sisters husband.
Top right: My parents with my nephew
Bottom Left: Richard's Family
Bottom Right: Our good friends from back home at their wedding.
  • The big city! You never realize how much there was to do there until you can't do it anymore. Things like decent bars, bowling alleys, different types of classes, etc.
  • Shopping! There is only one spot we can go to get shopping that is not an hour away and let's face it, it just doesn't have all the same stores that I am used to. I mean the Mall of America was only like 10 minutes from my house along with a few other shopping centers that had great stores. Not to mention there are like zero thrift shops around here and we love thrifting.
  • Restaurants! There are a lot of big chain restaurants down here like would be expected but some of my favorites are not here. Like Panera Bread and Noddles and Company for example. Gosh do I miss those two. Every time I go home I visit those restaurants. Yum!
Things I am Grateful For
  • The amazing people we have met in Richard's program! Having a group of people to hang out with makes it feel a whole lot less lonely. I totally expected not to meet anyone to hangout with, but we did! I am very happy about that.
Our trip with these people to New Orleans
  • My job. I was very lucky to have a contact within this company and I was able to find a job within a month of moving down here. Its not my dream job or anything but it pays the bills and in these parts that's a good thing! I am very happy to have found this job.
  • Moving down here and being done with school and the move and everything else that was happening before means that I have more time to do the things I want to. I am more inspired now to create a home and a place we love to hang out in. 
  • Spending time with my husband. I get a lot more one on one time with him now that we have less people to see and hangout with regularly. It has been great so far, but I hope to make it even better!
Football in the south. Of course.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Letter Project

I wanted to make something for our front door that wasn't exactly seasonal, but something that could be if I wanted it to be. So I decided to make a letter to hang on the door and I figured I could add extra decor to it if I felt like it for each changing season. 

Materials Used:
  • A wooden letter- purchased from Hobby Lobby (C is for the first letter of our last name)
  • Twine- purchased from Michael's
  • Hot glue gun- purchased from Hobby Lobby
  • Fabric- purchased remnants from various places
  • Burlap- purchased from Hobby Lobby
(Hobby Lobby is like 2 feet from my house can you tell?)

Step One:
Wrap twine around the letter. I used hot glue through the whole project. Every piece of twine was hot glued down. Around the curves of the C it took a little overlapping to make it look right. This step took some time.

Step Two:
Cut the a rectangular sized piece of burlap to wrap around the C to use to hang it. I then hot glued the burlap to make a cylinder so that I could hang the letter.

Step Three:
Cut a small piece of twine to wrap through the burlap and onto the wreath hanger. This way the burlap didn't have to twist and would lay flat. 

Step Four:
Add fabric flowers to the letter. I made four fabric flowers, three of them I glued together to make an arrangement to go towards the bottom of the letter and one of them to hang on the burlap. I also added a safety pin to the flowers so that I did not have to glue them on to the letter. This way if I want to change them out I wont ruin my letter.

Step Five:
Hang on door and admire how beautiful your project turned out!

p.s. We have little stickies on our door to tell our delivery people to bring our packages to the apartment office. That would be my husband's doing.

Original Pin: Here

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