Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekend Update

Every month our friends have a dinner party that is hosted at a different house. These parties are always fun and I was looking forward to going. After a couple hours, I started not feeling well so we ended up leaving early. I was really disappointed. I went to bed and felt fine the next day.

I organized and put away the rest of the christmas decorations. We put away our Christmas tree and ornaments the weekend after Christmas. I have ALOT of Christmas decorations and I wanted to organize it better. I bought a few extra items so I had to make sure everything fit in the original boxes.

I fit all of my christmas stuff in these four plastic tubs plus the box below. 

The box above is longer so it fits my taller, but not too tall christmas trees. Also, the sled in the box doesn't fit into the plastic tubs so it was perfect.

Saturday evening we went to Buffalo Wild Wings with a few guys from my husband's school to watch the 49ers play the Packers. Richard made a $10 bet with one of the guys that the Packers would win. Packers lost and so did Richard. While we were there, we also played trivia and we won three games. I was definitely more interested in the trivia than the football.

Sunday is always grocery shopping day. We usually go to Walmart to grocery shop, but Walmart has a few drawbacks. One, so many people shop there that it can be hard to find what we are looking for. Two, they have hardly any choices for fresh fruit and other produce which is a staple in our house. And finally, Walmart is ALWAYS crowded with really long lines. So we decided to go to a different grocery store to see if it was better. We went to Super 1 and found that the produce is better and the place was much less crowded. However, they do not have everything that we buy on a regular basis- the neccessities in our house, for example, Mac and Cheese (shapes) and frozen pizza. So we ended up at Walmart anyway, but it took us 30 minutes to buy 5 items. So to summarize we do not have a solution yet. Still working on that. I have learned however that I miss Cub Foods grocery store back in Minnesota.

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