Monday, January 28, 2013

Date Night

Since one of my goals this year was to have monthly date nights and this was the last weekend this month we decided to have a date night! We kept it pretty low key. We had pizza for dinner than we played some games.

We started out with scrabble. It was a pretty close game, but I came out the victor! Paisley puppy of course had to join in on the fun.

Then to even out the playing field we played chess. I just recently learned how to play chess. Now, I am not a very good loser and I am working on that. But pretty much every time we have played chess Richard beats me and usually its not even close. But (in the interest of being a good sport) we played chess and I asked my husband to help me learn more. We played half a game and then realized that about 5 moves back on of us made an illegal move and we couldn't retrace our steps so we started a new game. And I won take game as well (which was a complete shock to both of us). After that my husband wasn't up for playing a game anymore. Better luck next time I suppose. Overall, this was a good start to our monthly date night.

1 comment:

  1. OK - pizza, Scrabble and a cute pup! That's what I call a good weekend!

    Thanks so much for linking up. Happy to have you for Weekend Update :)


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