Thursday, January 31, 2013

Monthly Review

Well it is the last day of the month and I wrote in my 101 in 1001 things that I wanted to write a monthly review of each month. So here it goes!

January 1st
My husband and I brought in the new year with movies and puppy love!

January 8th
Richard's little brother Michael turned 8 years old! What a big boy!

January 11th
We spent the evening with Richard's schoolmates catching up since we had not seen them in over a month. 

January 12th
Spent the day organizing and cleaning! Love getting stuff done.

January 18th 
Headed back to Minnesota to see my family and friends! And I got to see baby Deacon again- cannot believe how much he is growing.

January 19th
I saw this beautiful bride get married! So exciting to celebrate with them on their special day! Check her out here. And check out the rest of the wedding pictures here!

January 21
Headed back to Louisiana to return to life and work.

January 25 
Enjoyed a date night with my husband.

January 26th
Took pictures at my friend from work's event for her husband graduating with his masters degree. Such a sweet woman!

It was not a super busy month and looking back I realize I need to take more pictures! Hopefully next month will be more detailed :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Beginning of Love

These past few days I have been going through all of my old emails related to everything wedding planning for our wedding scrapbook. I forgot how much detail and planning went into our wedding! 

This made me want to write about our entire love story starting with how we met.

We met in August 2007. We both started working at Hollister at the Mall of America. (Looking back we both find it semi embarrassing that we met while working at Hollister, but without it we never would have met!)

We started talking a lot at work and I always felt that Richard was a good listener and easy to talk to. He impressed me with our first date, which was the first real date I had been on. Eventually, we hung out outside of work and thats when everything clicked. We started dating and Richard swept me right off my feet.

He impressed me with our first date, which was the first real date I had been on. We went to a restaurant in Hudson, Wisconsin(where Richard lived) called Mama Maria's. Then Richard took me to a state park-Willow River, where we walked down a path (and a hill) to a waterfall. Since the sun had already set, the stars were out and it was really beautiful. On the way back to the car, Richard decided that he was going to carry me on his back. It was thoughtful, but by the time we got to the top of the hill, Richard was sweating. He quickly changed his shirt when we got back to the car and hoped I didn't notice. What a cutie. 

Yes that is a wrestling sweatshirt. Richard wrestled in high school. True Story. And I was a big fan for those few months-but only for those few months.

More on our love story to come!

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Blogging and Learning

I am very new to the blogging world. I am still trying to figure out what to write about and all that jazz. I read other people's blog almost all day long. I am hoping to learn as much as possible. Today I discovered how to arrange pictures in different formats that are fun using the coding that is provided with the blog. I am so excited that I was able to figure it out by researching it! I guess that is what happens when you take multiple computer science code writing courses in college. So I will be using my new-found knowledge all the time now! 

Goals Update
I can officially cross a few things of my 101 in 1001 Days. So here we go!

  •  I played chess with my husband when we had a date night on Friday! Yahoo! This accomplishment also goes along with my New Years Goals of building my relationship with my husband. I love quality time with my husband!

  • My husband and I also gave a 100% tip at Olive Garden the other night. Well kinda. We had a gift card and the amount that was left over after the gift card was only $5. But we gave our server a $20 tip. She was really sweet and we were excited to give her a little extra!

  • My husband and I also started watching movies that started with the first letter of the alphabet. Movie for letter A was Along Came Polly. I like this new way of picking movies it make it so much easier for us to decide! Normally it takes us 30 minutes to agree on a movie to watch; this took 30 seconds. Nice!

  • I also decided which organization challenge I want to participate in. I am going to participate in iHeart Organizing's monthly challenge. I finished started the challenge for January, but i didn't decide I wanted to do this challenge till last week so I started out behind. But this is supposed to be my challenge so I can do it how I want right? But I am still planning on doing this organization challenge the rest of the year.

  • I also finished one book called House Rules by Jodi Piccoult. I love her books and I have not read on yet that I didn't like. I did guess the ending to the book about halfway through but it was still a good read.

Well that's all for now!

Helene in Between

Monday, January 28, 2013

Date Night

Since one of my goals this year was to have monthly date nights and this was the last weekend this month we decided to have a date night! We kept it pretty low key. We had pizza for dinner than we played some games.

We started out with scrabble. It was a pretty close game, but I came out the victor! Paisley puppy of course had to join in on the fun.

Then to even out the playing field we played chess. I just recently learned how to play chess. Now, I am not a very good loser and I am working on that. But pretty much every time we have played chess Richard beats me and usually its not even close. But (in the interest of being a good sport) we played chess and I asked my husband to help me learn more. We played half a game and then realized that about 5 moves back on of us made an illegal move and we couldn't retrace our steps so we started a new game. And I won take game as well (which was a complete shock to both of us). After that my husband wasn't up for playing a game anymore. Better luck next time I suppose. Overall, this was a good start to our monthly date night.

Saturday, January 26, 2013


Dear Minnesota I had a lot of fun with you last weekend. I miss you very much! Dear Paisley Puppy you are always so full of energy and I wish I could take you to the dog park everyday. I promise we will go soon! Dear Weekend I am so ready for you to be here. I am ready for some sleep. Dear House since I wasn't home last weekend you need some organizing. I am up for the task. Dear Husband you have been working late this week and I miss you. I was glad we got some quality time last night playing games. 


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Maternity Session

I took these pictures of my sister this past fall before she had my nephew. This was my first maternity session and it was so much fun!

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