Saturday, December 29, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Well life has been extremely busy these past few month! This past August, we moved from the Twin Cities area in Minnesota to Northern Louisiana. We moved down here because my husband is enrolled in a Ph. D. program here. We will be down here for the next few years. The move was expensive and a lot of work!

We hired a moving company to move all of our things across the country since we did not have anyone to help us unload once we got here. It made things much easier.

 We pulled my car behind my husband's jeep so that we could ride together. The ride took us a lot longer because we had to drive slower. All the hills and deer in Arkansas made the drive after dark pretty rough.

It took us a few weeks to organize our house, but since it took me almost a moth to find a job I had plenty of free time!

We have learned a few things since moving to the south.

First, people down here move at a very slow pace. When we go shopping we have to plan extra time since its rare to find short lines.

Second, the accent down here is very different. It took us a few months to understand what people were saying. Everybody uses "y'all" even when they are only talking to one person. Everybody is always fixin' to do something, fixin' to leave, fixin' to get lunch, etc. Words down here are not fully pronounced nor do they look the way they sound. There is a city down here named Farmerville, but it is pronounced "Farmavll" (without the i). The river nearby is called the Ouachita River and it took us a while to learn how to pronounce this. We are still getting used to a few other words as well.

Third thing we learned is people down here love their fried chicken. There is a chicken place on almost every corner.

Fourth thing we learned is that even though the city we live in is an average sized city, it feels like a small town because there is not access to a large number of stores in the area. For example, there is only one Target in the area so it is packed often. 

Fifth thing we have learned (which has nothing to do with the south) is that the people my husband goes to school with are a lot of fun and we are truly enjoying ourselves down here!

Well now that life has settled down some I am hoping to have more time to keep up with my blogging! I am really excited for that to happen!

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