Thursday, September 7, 2017

Sloane Marie | Five Months

What's new?
Started wearing cloth diapers. So far so good.
Really started enjoying her different toys.
Moved across the country with mommy and daddy.
Visited the Minnesota Zoo, twice.
Swam in Grandpa and Grandma Chambers new pool.
Met my new cousin!
Traveled to Madison for a family wedding.
Am super close to rolling over from back to tummy.
First trip to Minnesota State Fair

I don't want to forget the way her little arms flail around unintentionally. How when she looks in the mirror at herself she always smiles. Her constant happy chatter. The way she can always spot me across the room. How much she looks like her daddy. The way she throws her head back when she is really upset. How she lets us know when she does not like something. The way she jumps a little at a loud sound.

Weight: Not sure and my scales are currently unavailable, ha. At Birth: 5 pounds 6 ounces

Height:  Will get an official check next month. At Birth: 18.5 inches

Hair: Light Brown

Eyes: Still holding blue!

Clothes: She really should be wearing 3-6, but since we have been moving they were packed. Soon.

Diapers: Still in size 2. As of this week, she is wearing cloth diapers full time!

Nicknames: Homegirl, Princess, Princess Warrior, Beautiful, Sloane Baby

-Sucking on mom or dad's fingers
-Pooping in her carseat (seriously, it has magical powers)
-Looking at herself in the mirror
-Being around people
-Being swaddled for sleeping
-Feeling daddy's beard

-Having the sun in her eyes
-Waking up from a nap
-Being left alone for too long
-Sudden loud noises

Eat: Eating is still going great! She eats every 3 or 3.5 hours. She is definitely starting to notice our food when we eat so we are starting to think about what we will be doing for starting solids. Geez that happened fast. We decided to wait until at least six months to start solids, but the preparations have begun.

Sleep: This last month has been a little rough in the sleep category. Since we have been in transition, Sloane has been having a harder time sleeping. It comes in waves and she will sleep great a few nights and then not so great after that. It is a work in progress and now that we are in our house hopefully it will get better again. She is still sleeping with her swaddle in her bassinet in our room. She is about to grow out of her bassinet so we will probably be transitioning out of that in the next month or two. As soon as we actually get the nursery set up...

6/7am She normally wake up sometime between 6 and 7 and she eats.
8 am She goes down for her first nap of the day. She usually sleep pretty well at this time of day.
10 am Wakes up from her nap and eats.
10:30 am Play time. I try to find things to keep her occupied so that we can length her awake and happy time.
11:30 am Back down for a nap.
1:30 pm Wake up and time to eat.
2:00 pm Play time again. I usually run errands during this time if I need to do something.
3:00 pm Nap time
4:30 pm Wake and eat.
5:00 pm Playtime.
6:00/6:30 pm Cat nap. Sometimes she needs this sometimes she doesn't. It depends on how well she sleeps throughout the day.
7:30 pm Final feeding of the day.
8:00 pm Pajamas and bedtime. Most nights she sleeps through till morning, but sometimes she wakes around 4am for a quick feeding and goes right back to sleep.

^^The start of cloth diapers. So cute.^^
^^She will always chomp on our fingers if they are close enough.^^
^^Hanging out with mommy's friend Paloma.^^
^^Last day in the old house.^^
^^(Left) Airport delays means bassinet for the win. (Right) First time swimming in the new pool.^^
^^Happy faces <3^^
^^First time to the Zoo! Perfect outfit!^^
^^She's getting so close to rolling over!^^
^^Meeting her new cousin! Grandpa and all his grandkids.^^
^^(Left) Hanging out with the other grandpa. (Right) She loved the feeling of dad's beard.^^

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Sixth Anniversary

We celebrated our 6th anniversary on August 6th! It is crazy that it has been six years already. This time last year we had just found out we were having a baby and it was such an exciting time. Life looks a lot different this year, but we did our best to celebrate what we could. We are in the process of moving (I owe a major update on that), so we made sure to squeeze in time as family.

A few weeks before our anniversary I discovered a new place called Board and Brush where you make unique signs out of wood. This place is such a cool concept and we loved every minute of it. The idea is this: you pick out a design in advance with different customizations and then they prepare everything in advance. Once you get there, you get to pick out the wood stain and paint for the design. They walk you through sanding, distressing, staining, assembly, painting and clean up. We each made and picked out our own sign, but we helped each other throughout the process. We brought Sloane with us and she did great once she fell asleep. It was a little rough at the begining with the loud noise from distressing, but then she fell asleep in her stroller and took a really good nap for us. The class was family friendly so I knew it would be alright to bring her. Our signs turned out great and I am really glad that we did that.
Our actual anniversary was the following day and we had asked a friend to watch Sloane so that we could go to a movie. This was our first date alone since we had her and our first time leaving her so it was hard, but both our friend and Sloane did a great job and we are so grateful. We saw the new Spiderman movie, which was fantastic. Richard was really hesitant to see it since Spiderman has been done so many times, but it was so worth it. We were able to enjoy the dine in theater that we love one last time before we left Texas.

We also took our annual anniversary picture which included Sloane this year. We figured that with it being the last few days in our house, our front porch was the perfect location. We are accumulating quite a few pictures! Overall, it was a great but busy anniversary!
First Anniversary
Second Anniversary
Third Anniversary
Fourth Anniversary
Fifth Anniversary
Sixth Anniversary

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Monday, July 31, 2017

Sloane Marie | Four Months

What's New?
Rolled from tummy to back.
Celebrated her first 4th of July.
Visited Daddy's hometown, Milwaukee.
First time swimming in a lake.
First long road trip, including a flash flood and a flat tire.
Helped mommy and daddy house shop.
First visit to Louisiana.
Met her Great Grandpa Bova.

I don't want to forget the way she is always sucking on her fists. Her bald spot (bald line really) on the back of her head. The way she clasps her hands together. The gurgling sound she makes when she is happy. When she will be eating, stop to look at me and smile and then dive back to continue eating. Those beautiful baby blue eyes.

Weight: Will update after doctor's appointment tomorrow. At Birth: 5 pounds 6 ounces

Height: Will update after doctor's appointment tomorrow. At Birth: 18.5 inches

Hair: Light Brown

Eyes: Still Blue!

Clothes: Still in 0-3. There are a few outfits in 3-6 that she has worn, but mostly she is still wearing 0-3.

Diapers: She moved up to size 2 this month.

Nicknames: Homegirl, Princess, Princess Warrior, Peanut

-Her sunglasses
-Getting at least one solid nap a day
-Observing her surroundings
-Her playmat
-Cooler temps overnight
-Sucking on her fists/fingers
-Standing with help

-Sleeping on mom in the wrap
-Missing out on what is going on
-Skipping nap time
-Being too cold or too hot
-Spending too much time in one place, either the wrap, car seat or in someone's lap

Eat: Eating has not changed all that much this month. While we were traveling though I noticed that she does not eat as well if it is too loud. If she was fighting eating, I would have to make sure that I took her somewhere quiet so that she would actually take a full meal. This was not always easy to do and then she would get fussy because she was not full. Other than that she is still exclusively breast feeding and she is doing really well.

Sleep: We did a lot of traveling this month and because of that her consistent routine got thrown off a bit. We have been home for a while now and she is finally getting back into her routine. She definitely loves her sleep and is a completely different baby when she does not get a good nap in. She has been able to go longer stretches without a full nap. This has been helpful because lately she is harder to get to sleep on the go. She wants to be involved in the action. But this usually ends up being one nap a day that is a little shorter and then she will take a longer nap after. So it works out in the end. CHANGED WHITE nOISE

Her schedule is basically the same as it has always been. Each day is a little different, but she is pretty consistent about a three hour routine. She will usually be awake for about an hour, which includes the time that she eats. Then she will take an hour and a half to two hour nap. When she wakes the cycle starts over and we repeat.

Photo Dump:
^^Our Birth Bootcamp Instructor holding all the babies from our class.^^
^^Fourth of July Weekend! Included lots of shopping, fireworks and all the red, white and blue we could find.^^
^^First time swimming in the lake.^^
^^House shopping! It was quite an experience with a brand new baby.^^
^^When you desperately need to take a nap, but get kicked out of your house for a showing. I had her usual nap spot in the front seat of my car while we were parked around the corner from the house with the dog in the backseat.^^
^^Baby snuggles! Also, she get really mad when she cannot fit her whole fist in her mouth.^^
^^On the right, our first trip to Louisiana to meet my friend Kristen!^^

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